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SŌZU - HTTP Reverse Proxy in Rust for Immutable Infrastructures
SŌZU is a solid HTTP Reverse Proxy built in Rust and designed for modern immutable infrastructures. Perfect for hosting professionals and microservices.
sōzu  sozu  reverse  proxy  rust  http 
10 hours ago by jabbrwcky
Avec l’API d’, embarquez directement les données ouvertes dans votre application.
address  openData  France  API  reverse  geocoding  clevermarks 
15 days ago by nhoizey
jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion - Docker Hub
nginx revproxy with letsencrypt automated cert generation
docker  reverse  proxy  letsencrypt  ssl  nginx 
4 weeks ago by sebastienw
Artery is a platform for performers to connect with the people who want to host them. Collaborate on pop up showcases in people's homes, yards, and offices. Anyone can attend public showcases and the proceeds directly support the people who made it happen.
artists  performance  events  public  perform  reverse  invite  request  showcase 
4 weeks ago by rsewan

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