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What is Altherma? | Daikin
Heat pump based heating/cooling unit compatible with hydronic including underfloor
energy  reverse  cycle  heating  cooling  altherma  hydronic  heatpump  heat  pump 
7 days ago by pciszewski
Allow mail from servers without matching reverse PTR by griff · Pull Request #25 · nixcloud/nixcloud-webservices
Some mail servers (like mine) don't have a reverse PTR matching the hostname of the mail server (in my case because it is really expensive). And while most mailservers accept mails from servers like mine (I have never had problems with it until I tried mailing @qknight two weeks ago) NixCloud will reject my mails.
I have replaced the reject_unknown_client_hostname restriction with the less restrictive reject_unknown_reverse_client_hostname which only rejects mail servers that have n...
nix  debug  reverse  dns  email 
15 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Einen Apache-Server als Reverse-Proxy einrichten mit Ubuntu - gridscale
Lerne wie du einen Apache-Server als Reverse Proxy verwenden kannst. Wir zeigen dir, wie du den Server installierst und mit let's encrypt absicherst.
apache  proxy  reverse  balancer  http 
4 weeks ago by aexel

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