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A fasting-diet may trigger regeneration of a diabetic pancreas | Ars Technica
"In mice with either type I or type 2 diabetes, an intense, four-day fasting diet seemed to regenerate pancreas cells and restore insulin production. Experts warn that trying out the diet could trigger dangerous complications in diabetic patients.

The mice were given a low-calorie, low-protein, low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet for four days. On the first day, the mice could only eat 50 percent of their normal calorie intake. For the remaining three days, the mice ate just 10 percent. Next, they got up to 10 days of normal eating, which allowed them to regain lost weight, before another four-day fast. The mice went through this cycle three times."
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6 days ago by dandv
Just published a new article: Reverse Mortgages In Canada vs The U.S.A.
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Microsoft's Rich Signature (undocumented)
Une documentation du format proprio (et non public) de la signature Rich d'un PE. Elle renseigne le type et la version du compilateur utilisé pour générer le PE
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