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Understanding Apple’s binary property list format - Christos Karaiskos - Medium
"In this blog post, we will take a look at the internal structure of binary plists."
programming  plist  reverse-engineering 
yesterday by ddribin
Reverse Engineering My WiFi Endoscope Part 4
Part 3 review: I used WireShark to figure out the UDP protocol that the WiFi endoscope uses to configure its password and access point name, among other settings.

My primary objective with this project was to ensure that I could continue to use the endoscope even if the iOS app went unmaintained; after figuring out how to configure the endoscope’s settings, the last thing I needed was to be able to view the video feed without the app.
jetion-endoscope  video-decoding  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by jdbeightol
Reverse Engineering My WiFi Endoscope Part 3
Part 2 review: I used a bus pirate to grab the firmware from my WiFi Endoscope, which revealed the telnet username and password.

After getting admin access over telnet, I still wanted to be able to view the video stream and configure the endoscope’s settings without using the iPhone app, to make sure I could still use the endoscope if the app ever stopped working.
jetion-endoscope  packet-sniffing  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by jdbeightol
Reverse Engineering My WiFi Endoscope Part 2
Part 1 review: I bought this WiFi endoscopeand accidentally locked myself out of the WiFi network it creates, but I was able to find the WiFi password in its boot log via a serial debug port.

At this point, I wanted to see what else I could do with the device. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck getting a command prompt from the serial port. However, once it was back up and running, I connected to the network with my Macbook to do some tinkering.
nmap  flash-dumping  jetion-endoscope  bad-passwords  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by jdbeightol
Reverse Engineering My WiFi Endoscope Part 1
A few months ago, I bought a THZY WiFi endoscope to help me find a bolt that I had dropped into a tight space in an appliance I was trying to repair. I was hoping to find an endoscope that would work by lightning connector to my iPhone, but this one looked like the next best alternative. The reason I would have preferred something wired is because this one requires a special app to view its stream, and I worry that the app will become unmaintained or break, rendering the device useless.
serial-debugging  bad-passwords  jetion-endoscope  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by jdbeightol
How I hacked my IP camera, and found this backdoor account
The time has come. I bought my second IoT device - in the form of a cheap IP camera. As it was the cheapest among all others, my expectations regarding security was low. But this camera was still able to surprise me.
dns-leak  iot-security  bad-passwords  command-injection  clickbait-title  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by jdbeightol
Dissecting mobile native code packers. A case study.
As mobile malware advances to the levels of desktop malware, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon protected APKs while analysing malware.
android  code-packing  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by jdbeightol
CSAW 365
This site contains an archive of past CSAWCTF challenges since 2013. To date, we have around 200 challenges covering these categories: Reverse Engineering, Pwning, Cypto, Web, Forensics and PwnAdventureZ.
challenge  ctf  archive  exploitation  crypto  reverse-engineering  puzzle  training  infosec  security  hands-on 
4 weeks ago by plaxx

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