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The Gremlin Loader
Writeup of one of the classic tape loaders used on the ZX Spectrum, both for fast loading and piracy protection
piracy  reverse-engineering  history  zx-spectrum  tape  loaders  gremlin 
yesterday by jm
Cycript allows developers to explore and modify running applications on either iOS or Mac OS X using a hybrid of Objective-C++ and JavaScript syntax through an interactive console that features syntax highlighting and tab completion.
(It also runs standalone on Android and Linux and provides access to Java, but without injection.)
iphone  android  mobile  dynamic  debugging  analysis  reverse-engineering  ios  objective-c  javascript 
17 days ago by plaxx
Unravelling Konami's Arcade DRM
"I’ll be focusing on two things for this adventure - my process in reversing the encryption, because by sharing my methods I may help others. Secondly, high level details of Konami’s dongle-based encryption, because it’s rare to find proper information on actual, in-the-wild implementations of USB dongle based security."
video  games  arcade  retro  drm  reverse-engineering 
4 weeks ago by ddribin

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