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Toyota quarterly profit rises 10% as currency gains offset weaker U.S. business
When excluding the foreign exchange rate boon, the decline in quarterly operating profit was due mainly to softening business in North America, Nagata said. "The worsening of the U.S. business is the biggest factor," he said.

In the U.S., Toyota struggled with a flood of vehicles coming off lease, rising incentives and a rush of consumers away from passenger cars toward crossovers, SUVs and pickups.

Toyota has been slow in reacting to the U.S. shift to light trucks. Industrywide, cars made up just 36 percent of total U.S. sales in the first nine months of the year. But at Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., which covers sales of both the Toyota and Lexus brands, cars accounted for 42 percent of the mix.
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3 days ago by automotive
Sliding wholesale hurts at Subaru
Subaru Corp. said operating profit fell 13 percent in the fiscal second quarter ended Sept. 30, while net income cratered 97 percent. Revenue rose 2.9 percent.
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3 days ago by automotive
RT : Baidu saw advertising Revenue surge 120 percent during online shopping spree
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3 days ago by ormg
Testing the Revenue Diversity Argument on Independent Web-native News Ventures: Digital Journalism: Vol 0, No 0
Conventional business advice says that for any firm, many sources of revenue are better than a few or just one. The logic is that by diversifying its revenue, the firm could improve its financial performance and in turn, its chances for survival. This study tested that with independent Web-native news ventures. These entrepreneurial ventures are an emerging facet of digital journalism, and they matter to the communities they serve and to journalism generally. However, data gathered in a survey of 127 independent news sites in the United States do not favor the logic of diversification. For-profit news sites performed the best with scant revenue diversity. Non-profit news sites did not perform any better with diversity.
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10 days ago by paulbradshaw
OpenStack Continues to Grow Both Public and Private Cloud Deployments
Four years ago, in October 2013, 451 Research reported that OpenStack cloud revenues were approximately $600 million in 2013. In April 2016, 451 Research reported that 2015 OpenStack ecosystem revenues came in at $1.2 billion, with a forecast to grow to $3.37 billion by 2018.

Now in November 2017, 451 Research is out with it latest OpenStack market sizing report, estimating 2017 OpenStack ecosystem revenue at $2.6 billion. Looking forward, 451 Research is forecasting that OpenStack market revenues will reach $6.7 billion by 2021
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11 days ago by cote
BuzzFeed könnte deine Erfindung verkaufen, und macht mit jedem Verkauf einen Schnitt
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17 days ago by grzbielok
Tesla posts record $671 million loss in Q3
Tesla Inc. posted a $671 million loss for the third quarter -- its largest ever quarterly deficit -- dropping from a $22 million net profit recorded for the same period last year.
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17 days ago by automotive
Tesla Takes a Tumble: Q3 Earnings Fall Well Below Expectations |
One reason for the weak numbers was the trouble Tesla has been having with the launch of its Model 3, the company’s first mainstream battery-electric vehicle. While final sales weren’t released, industry sources said the figure was expected to be in the “low three digit” range, meaning the much-anticipated model was vastly outsold by General Motors’ own affordable, long-range battery-electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Bolt hitting a record of 2,781 sales in October.
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17 days ago by automotive
Kottke memberships -- an update one year later
This is my long-term model for GRS revenue, whether through Patreon or the model Jason uses. In the short term, I'm not sure what revenue will look like. We have to figure that out.
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17 days ago by jdroth
Hyundai Q3 profit down 20% on China dispute
In the U.S. too it wants to offer new SUV models, including Kona and Santa Fe, while "reducing inventory through flexible manufacturing," Hyundai CFO Choi Byung-chul said.

Sales in the U.S. slid despite the automaker sharply boosting incentives. In the third quarter, Hyundai's U.S. incentives rose 26 percent.

"The U.S. market is expected to be challenging because of continued weakness in demand and rising competition," Choi said.
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19 days ago by automotive
IHS Markit Automotive Blog | FCA's profits rise in Q3 to achieve record margin | IHS Blogs
Outlook: With third-quarter results, FCA confirmed full-year guidance for 2017, and expects progress in 2017 to enable it to meet 2018 financial targets. FCA also confirmed that the Jeep Wrangler and new Ram 1500 are on track for fourth-quarter 2017 and first-quarter 2018 production starts, respectively, and that progress toward the all-new Grand Cherokee and additional Grand Wagoneer are on track. Marchionne also suggested that a new smaller-than-Levante SUV will come for Maserati in 2020. FCA also highlighted its recent activity relative to self-driving cars, in the BMW partnership and Magneti Marelli's purchase of LiDAR company Leddartech.
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