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IBM earnings Q2 2018
"This marks IBM's third consecutive quarter of revenue growth, following five years of year-over-year revenue declines. In the quarter revenue rose 4 percent."
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2 days ago by cote
Telemonetize | Monetize your Telegram channel/supergroup
Instantly monetize your Telegram channel or supergroup

Turn your Telegram community into a subscription business in just a few clicks
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2 days ago by sebbi
WSO2 CEO Tyler Jewell: Ballerina and the End of Middleware
WSO2 revenue: “The company will do probably around $50 million in sales this year. We’ll grow 60 percent year over year.”

And, on Quest’s venture portfolio during the Dell acquisition:

‘About that same time, Quest was getting acquired by Dell. And then Vinny calls up one day. He was starting a venture capital company and asked if I would like to get involved. He owned 30 or 40 percent of Quest, so he made a huge fortune. I’m like “Well, Vinny, that sounds really interesting, but I’ve just decided to start this company Codenvy. We’re really excited about it. We’re gonna go build this Cloud IDE.” And he says, “Great. Come on board as a partner. Manage our dev ops investments, and we’ll make Codenvy one of our investments as well.”

‘And so sure enough, he launches Toba Capital, and he buys back all the investments from Dell. So all the investments that Quest had, Dell didn’t have an investment arm. And so there’s a dozen or so out there, WSO2 and Sauce Labs and a couple others. And he just buys ’em back. And then he starts investing more into these companies. And at that point in time started investing more aggressively in WSO2, and I joined its board. And Toba eventually increased its position over time pretty significantly. And I was involved in about four or five different boards on these dev ops companies while I was running Codenvy from 2012 to 2017.’
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2 days ago by cote
Datical automates database deployments; it's DevOps for data
"The vendor has been adding to its stable of paying customers and now has more than 40, many of which are Fortune 500 enterprises. It did not report annual revenue, but we estimate it to be under but nearing $10m."
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3 days ago by cote
DockerCon coverage from 451: security focus
“Steve Singh took over as CEO a year ago and has presided over a growing number of customers – more than 500 enterprise customers to date – and associated revenue. On that note, the company announced it expects to grow bookings beyond $100m in 2018.”
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4 days ago by cote
Pay and file: step-by-step guide to filing tax returns -
In general, individuals who are resident in Ireland and are from Ireland are taxable on their worldwide income. Assuming you are such an individual, you should complete the various types of foreign income listed in Panel E.

Foreign dividend income is broken down into Great Britain and Northern Ireland dividends, US dividends, Canadian dividends and other dividends. Remember only the net Great Britain and Northern Ireland dividends should be reported and that any encashment taxes paid on US and Canadian dividends are listed.

Likewise, deposit interest income is sub-divided into UK, EU and non-EU interest and you should report any taxes deducted in the relevant jurisdiction as you may be entitled to double taxation relief.

You may have worked abroad previously and are now in receipt of foreign pension income and this should be reported at line 302.

Where you are resident but not domiciled in Ireland and have ticked this box at line 17 of the Form 11, you are assessable on your Irish source income including income attributable to the performance of the duties of a foreign employment in Ireland and remittances of other foreign income to Ireland, that is, a transfer of foreign income into Ireland e.g. by bank wire transfer.
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5 days ago by fallond
Micro Focus belches as it struggles to digest HPE Software
"Operational difficulties fed into the financial results for Micro Focus's half-year ended 30 April 2018 with sales down 8 per cent year-on-year to $1.974bn. Nearly all of the revenue lines were down with the exception of subscription and SaaS.

Licence sales dropped 18.4 per cent to $396.4m, maintenance was down 3.5 per cent to $1.109bn, and consulting dropped 27.5 per cent $149.9m."

Also, SUSE revenue: "The top line number included an $182.9m contribution in sales from SUSE, which Micro Focus is offloading to a private equity biz for $2.53bn, and was 17.2 per cent higher than a year earlier."
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9 days ago by cote
Weirdest. Acquisition. Ever. Broadcom buys CA Technologies
Broadcom buying CA for US$18.9bn. "Mainframe solutions dominate CA’s income, pulling nearly $2.2bn in the 2017-2018 financial year, followed by its enterprise solutions segment at $1.75bn and services at $311m."
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9 days ago by cote
What Industry Has The Highest Revenue Per Employee?
You have to go all the way down to the 33rd position to find the first tech company -- Apple. Looks like energy, healthcare, and financials are the big Revenue_Per_Employee generators.
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10 days ago by brentfarwick
What industry has the highest revenue per employee? | Hacker News

Telecomms do this for laying new wires/fiber too. They subcontract most all of the lashing, digging, and boring and the pulling of actual fiber lines, leaving the ends loose, and only then use their own employees to go out and actually splice them into the previous lines or into an active network. The connections at the end are quick and easy with little liability risks, unlike climbing electric or telephone poles, trimming trees near aerial cables, going into underground utility tu...
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11 days ago by hellsten
World's Most Profitable Flights: This Airline Route Makes $1 Billion Annually
World's Most Profitable Flights: This Airline Route Makes $1 Billion Annually
Eric Rosen Jul 6, 2018 @ 09:01 AM
Though it usually deals in metrics like the world’s busiest airline routes or the longest flights, Official Airline Guide (OAG) has now compiled and released the list of flights earning the most revenue worldwide, which provides a fascinating snapshot into the changing headwinds of the aviation industry.
OAG is an air travel information and intelligence agency that tracks data from the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies and air travel-related service companies.
OAG gathered data on airline revenues from April 2017-March 2018 to create a list of commercial flights earning the most revenue. The way it categorized flights was both by route and carrier, so though American Airlines, British Airways, Delta and Virgin Atlantic all fly from New York JFK to London Heathrow, only British Airways’ flight made it into the top 10 list based on the revenue it generated.
The Rankings
Here is the full list of the top 10 revenue-earning flights around the globe and how many dollars (rounded) each brought in over the course of a year.
British Airways New York JFK to London Heathrow: $1.04 billion
Qantas Airways Melbourne to Sydney, $855 million
Emirates London Heathrow to Dubai, $819 million
Singapore Airlines London Heathrow to Singapore, $710 million
American Airlines Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK, $698 million
United Airlines San Francisco to Newark, $688 million
Cathay Pacific Airways Hong Kong to London Heathrow, $632 million
Qatar Airways London Heathrow to Doha, $553 million
Air Canada Vancouver to Toronto Pearson, $552 million
Singapore Airlines Sydney to Singapore, $544 million
The world's top 10 earning flights.
The World’s Highest-Earning Airline Route
There are a number of interesting things to note here. First, only one airline and route topped $1 billion in revenue: British Airways’ flagship service between its hub at London Heathrow and New York JFK. Perhaps that should be no surprise considering the airline flies about 15 daily non-stops in either direction between the two airports. The revenue earned here accounts for about 6% of the airline’s total in 2017 according to OAG.
However, its closest competitor on this particular route is Virgin Atlantic, which flies about a dozen daily frequencies between the two airports, but does not appear on this list at all. Also surprising, British Airways managed to pull off this list-topping route despite the fact that several other airlines offer multiple non-stop options between both these exact same airports as well as nearby ones such as Newark in the U.S. and Gatwick near London, showing just how much British Airways dominates this particular service.
British Airways' flights between New York and London Heathrow top the list. (Photo by Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images)
London Heathrow Is The Highest-Earning Airport…By Far
The other notable pattern from the listings are that London Heathrow is a veritable revenue magnet as the origin or destination of half these routes, and being included in five of the top eight routes overall. Clearly London remains high as both a premier international destination as well as a stopover point between continents in order for this to be the case.
It also indicates that the top-earning flights in the world tend to be heavily trafficked business routes rather than to leisure destinations. Not only is the top-earning route overall between London and North America, but the airport also figures in two top-earning routes to Asia and the Middle East each.
No wonder there’s such a fierce debate ranging over whether the airport should and can construct a third runway. The airlines who already have slots are unsurprisingly protective of the potential money they can bring in by flying to the airport.
Revenue Per Hour
Though the overall earning is the primary metric here, OAG also provided another fascinating footnote: revenue per hour of flight. That shows the premium some passengers are paying to fly between cities, and the relative strength of airfares in particular markets. In those terms, Emirates’ flights between its hub in Dubai and London Heathrow are the top earners by a slight margin over the top two revenue generators overall, and a long shot over the flights that follow it in terms of overall earning.
Long-Haul Routes Trump Short-Hauls
Another interesting insight is that only a single short-haul flights makes the list: Qantas’s service between its hubs in Sydney and Melbourne. All the other flights are mid- to long-hauls ranging from about five hours to over 13 hours each.
By contrast, Qantas’s flight is just over an hour, though the fact that there are about three dozen frequencies on it per day is the reason why it generates so much money.
International Versus Domestic
As part of the above point, international flights make up a slight majority of the list, with six of the 10 slots, while domestic flights count for four of them: two within the U.S., one within Canada and one within Australia.
Of those, only the Australian flight between Melbourne and Sydney is a short-haul, while the others are transcontinental routes of between about four and six hours.
Follow The Money
All  these  findings  signal  that_  despite  the  incursion  of  low-cost  carriers  into  the  airline  marketplace  on  every  continent_  long-haul  business  travel  remains  the  primary  generator  of  revenue  around  the  world.  That’s  probably  partly  thanks  to  the  high  fares  airlines  can  charge  business  travelers  to  fly  their  premium  cabins_  but  also  because  of  the  rate  of  traffic  on  these  routes  in  particular.  It  will  be  interesting  to  see  how  Heathrow’s  proposed  expansion_  if  comes  to  fruition_  affects  these  findings_  and  whether  downward  pricing  pressure  from  budget  airlines  will  impact  airline  revenues  across  the  board  in  the  coming  years.  from iphone
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