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Hyundai third-quarter profit dogged by quality woes
Total retail sales fell 3 percent in the third quarter, as higher U.S. sales, led by a favorable South Korean won and strong demand for crossovers, were offset by drops in China and South Korean sales.
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2 days ago by automotive
Nissan profit plunges 70% on falling sales, foreign exchange and rising costs
Heavy discounting and fleet sales, particularly in the U.S., have left Nissan with a cheapened brand image and low vehicle resale value as well as dented profitability.
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3 days ago by automotive
Carvana's rapid expansion, sales gains continue
Carvana sourced 31 percent of the vehicles it retailed in the third quarter from consumers. The company aims to get that percentage to as much as half of all vehicles sold. Vehicles sourced from consumers typically carry higher profit margins and are seen as a key part of eventual profitability for Carvana.
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4 days ago by automotive
Toyota's cost squeeze is showing results
North America, Toyota's biggest market, emerged as a profit engine in the most recent quarter. Kon said the company saw North American improvements through tighter cost controls, more targeted incentive spending and a portfolio shift to crossovers and light trucks. Toyota has directed spiff spending to vehicles that actually need it, while dialing it back on those that don't. A rollout of higher-margin vehicles, such as light trucks, also helped.
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4 days ago by automotive
GitRoyalty helps Open Source developers get paid without relying on complex licenses, support promises, issue bounties, or donations. Using the power of git, you can add a paywall to new or existing Open Source projects, putting money in contributors' pockets for the first time.
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4 days ago by endorama
Honda profit rises 3% on U.S. sales, cost control
North America was a profit engine, driving Honda higher on robust sales of not only light trucks such as the CR-V crossover but passenger cars such as the Civic small sedan.
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6 days ago by automotive
Carvana's Q3 revenue more than doubles, net loss widens
While Carvana has yet to report a profit, it has the stated goal of selling more than 2 million vehicles per year and becoming the largest and most profitable automotive retailer in the U.S.

In the meantime, it's been in expansion mode. It opened in nine new markets during the quarter, bringing the total to 146 at the end of the period. It also launched four new vehicle vending machines, giving it 22 at quarter end.
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9 days ago by automotive
Subaru cuts annual profit outlook on yen, typhoon impact
Through October, Subaru's U.S. sales gained 4 percent to 580,860 deliveries. In September, Subaru's streak of year-over-year sales gains was snapped at 93 months with a decline of 9.4 percent that month.
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10 days ago by automotive
FCA posts record earnings, margin in North America
The automaker's North American profit margin climbed to an all-time high of 10.6 percent.
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13 days ago by automotive
Higher truck incentives dim Ford's outlook
Executives on Ford's third-quarter earnings call last week specifically called out the F-150, Ranger and Edge as vehicles Ford has needed to spend more on than expected this year. The automaker is facing increased competition in the full-size pickup space because of new offerings from its rivals, and it's working to gain share with the new Ranger and Edge crossover as it works to update roughly 75 percent of its U.S. lineup by the end of next year.
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18 days ago by automotive

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