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Photos of the Palace of Revelation in Nha Trang, Vietnam
Step Inside This Apocalypse-Inspired Palace

Hotelier Son Bui was inspired by symbols from the Book of Revelation.
palace  revelation  vietnam  Apocalypse 
august 2018 by gdw
Calling an Apostle of God
“The calling of 15 men to the holy apostleship provides great protection for us as members of the Church,” says President Nelson. “Why? Because decisions of these leaders must be unanimous. Can you imagine how the Spirit needs to move upon 15 men to bring about unanimity? These 15 men have varied educational and professional backgrounds, with differing opinions about many things. Trust me! These 15 men—prophets, seers, and revelators—know what the will of the Lord is when unanimity is reached! They are committed to see that the Lord’s will truly will be done. The Lord’s Prayer provides the pattern for each of these 15 men when they pray: ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’”
revelation  collaboration  consensus 
march 2018 by craniac
all each riddles, when unknown - Chapter 1 - susiecarter - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Archive of Our Own]

Post-MoS AU: Clark, struggling to deal with the events of Black Zero Day, is assigned a straightforward human-interest piece—on Wayne Enterprises. Then Batman catches Superman's attention, Clark Kent starts investigating Batman, Bruce Wayne spends a lot of time arguing with hitting on Clark Kent, and Bruce's best efforts to find a way to hurt Superman start to bear fruit.

And then things get complicated.
batman/superman  4hearts  revelation  first  fic  pg-13 
september 2017 by bobrhyn
as to which may be the true - Chapter 1 - susiecarter - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Archive of Our Own]
I MAY HAVE STAYED UP UNTIL 1 ON A WEDNESDAY READING THIS BECAUSE ADULTHOOD IS A NEBULOUS CONCEPT, why is identity porn so great in fanfiction and so terrible on CW shows (it is because i knew this would end in glory)

the one where bruce is martha's friend and she calls him when clark shows up on her porch, and then bruce helps clark come back from the dead officially and is brucie at him but somehow just what clark needs, but clark's still having nightmares and BRUCE IS GOING TO TELL HIM SOMETIME OK DIANA IT'S JUST THAT CLARK WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE HIM AND WILL H8 HIM 5EVER
batman/superman  4hearts  <100k  fic  nc-17  revelation  first  dcu 
september 2017 by bobrhyn
"Conceived, produced and directed by the Villa Croce Amixi – Contemporary Art Museum – Genoa, “Davanti al mare – ATTO I” is an experimental and open format project featuring a multiple nature. Thought as an expanded residency, as a research work on the Genoa environment – metaphorical and physical production space – “Davanti al mare” is presented now to the public as a zone where an artist and selected curator will work together to the construction of projects studied to inhabit the subtle boundary line between city and museum, artwork and storytelling, exploration and presentation. “Davanti al mare – ATTO I” aims to give back power to art as tool for investigation of the place and its landscape; it’s drawn on the desire of using the artwork as powerful revealing machine; it’s envisioned as light and flexible palimpsest – a sea stage – to produce – through art – reality."

[See also: ]
diegoperrone  art  landscape  place  revelation  seeing  noticing  museums  storytelling  exploration  presentation  genoa  italy  italia 
august 2017 by robertogreco

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