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More than 400,000 German jobs at risk in switch to electric cars - Handelsblatt - Reuters
The shift to electric vehicles could cost 410,000 jobs in Germany by 2030, daily Handelsblatt reported on Monday, citing government advisers.
automotive  electricvehicles  manufacturing  employment  Germany  review  forecast  Reuters  2020 
8 days ago by inspiral
Middle East share of India's oil imports falls to four-year-low in 2019 - tanker data
India’s imports of Middle Eastern oil plunged to a four-year low in 2019..India, the world’s third-biggest oil consumer, imports about 84% of its oil needs and traditionally relies on the Middle East..the region’s share of India’s crude shrank to 60% last year - down from 65% a year ago and the lowest since 2015 - as record output from the United States and countries like Russia offered opportunities for importers to tap other sources..India shipped in 2.68 million barrels per day (bpd) oil from the Middle East in 2019, down about 10% from 2018, and around 1.8 million bpd from elsewhere
Reuters  oil  statistics  India 
9 days ago by thomas.kochi
Britain secretly funded Reuters in 1960s and 1970s: documents - Reuters
The money was used to expand Reuters coverage of the Middle East and Latin America and hidden by increased news subscription payments to Reuters from the BBC.

The extent of influence - if any - that the government was able to exert over Reuters news in return for the money is unclear from the documents, which detail a 1969 secret British government financing deal for Reuters.

However, the documents illustrate the level of involvement the government once had in Reuters’ affairs and the explicit agreement to conceal the financing.
cold_war  british_empire  bbc  anticommunism  soviet_union  reuters  communism 
15 days ago by perich
Swim regulations for oceans, lakes tied to lower drowning rates | Reuters
Drowning death rates are three to four times lower in states that regulate swimming in oceans, rivers and lakes, a U.S. study suggests. Dr. Linda Quan, professor of pediatrics at the UW School of Medicine, is quoted.
Quan.Linda  !UWitM  2020  Reuters  UW:Medicine  Department:Pediatrics  natl 
16 days ago by uwnews
U.S. officials to visit Britain, pushing for Huawei 5G ban
Una delegación del gobierno de EEUU, en la que figura el asesor adjunto de seguridad nacional Matt Pottinger, visita este lunes el Reino Unido. Su objetivo es lograr que el gobierno británico se una al veto de los equipos de red de Huawei. El ministro de seguridad Brandon Lewis ha declarado a BBC News que la decisión se tomará "relativamente pronto".
Britain is expected to make a final call on how to deploy Huawei Technologies equipment in its future 5G networks later this month.

Security minister Brandon Lewis told the BBC on Sunday a decision would be taken “relatively soon”.

The U.S. delegation is expected to include deputy national security adviser Matt Pottinger, the two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
ON5G_ES  huawei  ReinoUnido  Reuters 
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Transgender children sense their gender identities at young ages | Reuters
Transgender children may start to identify with toys and clothes typical of their gender identity from a very young age, a recent University of Washington study suggests. Study co-author Selin Gülgöz, a postdoctoral researcher in UW’s psychology department, is quoted. [This Reuters story appeared in several outlets]
!UWitM  2019  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Psychology  Gulgoz.Selin  LGBTQ  natl  Reuters  transgender  TransYouth.Project 
27 days ago by uwnews
Telefonica to drastically reduce Huawei kit for its core 5G network
Telefónica reducirá drásticamente el uso de equipos de Huawei en su red troncal de 5G. Hasta ahora, la operadora utiliza exclusivamente Huawei en sus redes troncales de 4G en España y Alemania. El responsable de tecnología de Telefonica, Enrique Blanco, atribuye la decisión a criterios puramente técnicos, desvinculándola de motivos políticos.
ON5G_ES  telefonica  Huawei  reuters 
6 weeks ago by albertcuesta
Refinitiv used filter to block Reuters reports on Hong Kong protests
"Since August, Refinitiv has blocked more than 200 stories about the Hong Kong protests plus numerous other Reuters articles that could cast Beijing in an unfavorable light. Internal Refinitiv documents show that over the summer, the company installed an automated filtering system to facilitate the censoring. The system included the creation of a new code to attach to some China stories, called 'Restricted News.' As a result, Refinitiv’s customers in China have been denied access to coverage of one of the biggest news events of the year, including two Reuters reports on downgrades of Hong Kong by credit-rating agencies. Nearly 100 other news providers available on Eikon in China have also been affected by the filtering. Censorship in China has been intensifying in recent years under President Xi Jinping, and Western businesses have come under rising pressure to block news, speech and products that Beijing sees as politically dangerous. Refinitiv generates tens of millions of dollars of annual revenue in China. As Reuters reported in June, citing three people familiar with the matter, Refinitiv began the censorship effort earlier this year after a regulator threatened to suspend its Chinese operation." - Steven Stecklow, Reuters
otf  china  reuters  refinitiv  censorship  access  asia  gfw  hongkong 
6 weeks ago by dmcdev
William Ruckelshaus, who resigned in Watergate's 'Saturday Night Massacre,' dies at 87 | Reuters
William Ruckelshaus, picked by Richard Nixon as the first head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and as deputy attorney general before being fired for defying the president in the Watergate scandal, died on Wednesday at the age of 87. He founded the William D. Ruckelshaus Center, which is jointly operated by the UW and WSU.
Reuters  natl  Ruckelshaus.Center  Ruckelshaus.William  !UWitM  2019 
8 weeks ago by uwnews
As Christmas season starts, Pope defends nativity scenes in public places
Pope Francis on Sunday defended the display of nativity scenes in town squares and other public places, which has become an annual contentious issue at Christmas time in countries such as the United States and France.The pope travelled to the town of Greccio, east of Rome, to visit the spot where St. Francis of Assisi started the tradition by setting up the first nativity scene in 1223.There, he signed a papal document known as an Apostolic Letter and titled “Admirabile Signum,” (Wonderful Sign) on the meaning and importance of the nativity scene.“With this Letter, I wish to encourage the beautiful family tradition of preparing the nativity scene in the days before Christmas, but also the custom of setting it up in the workplace, in schools, hospitals, prisons and town squares,”In 1984, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favour of allowing nativity scenes in public places, saying that they were not an effort to establish or support a particular religion and also possessed what the court called “legitimate secular purposes”.In 2014 in France, a court order to dismantle a nativity scene in a town hall because it violated the country’s secular tradition prompted a backlash, which won support from right-wing politicians...the pope said the purpose of the nativity scene was to teach “that we cannot let ourselves be fooled by wealth and fleeting promises of happiness” and that they were a reminder to help those less fortunate.“From the manger, Jesus proclaims, in a meek yet powerful way, the need for sharing with the poor as the path to a more human and fraternal world in which no one is excluded or marginalised,”
Reuters  pope  catholic  Christmas  debates  controversies  statutes  laws 
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Elizabeth I revealed as the translator of Tacitus into English
Elizabeth I, one of England’s best-loved monarchs, has been revealed to be the translator behind an English version of an ancient text by Tacitus who described the high politics, treachery and debauchery of the Roman elite.A 16th Century translation of the first book of Tacitus’s Annals - written in elegant italic hand on ruled paper - has been shown to be Elizabeth’s after an analysis of handwriting, her style of writing and the type of paper used.“Elizabeth goes to some lengths to retain the density of Tacitus’s prose and his celebrated brevity,” Philo wrote. “She follows the contours of the Latin syntax with remarkable commitment, even at the risk of obscuring the sense in English.”Tacitus, a historian of the Roman Empire, casts Tiberius and Nero as tyrants and relates the debauchery and corruption of the empire’s rulers.Elizabeth endured a tumultuous childhood including the disgrace and death of her mother, and persecution under her half sister Mary I, before ascending to the throne aged 25.Elizabeth, known as the “the Virgin Queen” who ruled from 1558 to 1603, saw off a Spanish attempt to defeat England, though she never married or named a successor.
Reuters  history  Britain  language  usage 
8 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Trump wants Apple to be involved in 5G infrastructure building in U.S.
Donald Trump, presidente de EEUU, pretende que Apple intervenga en los despliegues de redes 5G que se lleven a cabo en el país. En un tuit publicado tras visitar las instalaciones de Apple en Austin (Texas), Trump ha asegurado que la firma "lo tiene todo: dinero, tecnología, visión y Cook", refiriéndose al consejero delegado de Apple, pese a que ésta no cuenta con productos para infraestructuras de red ni dispone aún de modelos de iPhone compatibles con redes 5G.
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