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If you were disappointed on page 129 when Miller describes Achilles and Patroclus's reunion night together as a "bounty of hours that never ran dry" but didn't elaborate, maybe this fic is for you. Boy-on-boy sex, intense teenage heroic Greek feels.
fandom:songofachilles  wordcount:1000~5000  romance  reunion  pairing:achilles/patroclus  author:rachel2205  slash  saved 
18 days ago by lilyleia78
Why The Liberté is the Perfect Place for a Fun Family Reunion on the Water in 2019
With the Chesapeake Bay as your beautiful location and The Liberté as your venue, you can enjoy a fun and exciting sail on the waters of the Chesapeake with your family.
sail  family  reunion 
23 days ago by Adventure_Web
Psychedelic Country Soul - The Long Ryders | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic
Good music is often the product of unexpected alliances and strange bedfellows, so it makes a certain perverse sense that in 2019 Paisley Underground heroes and alt-country progenitors the Long Ryders released their first studio album in 32 years, and in a roundabout way we have gangsta rap icon Dr. Dre to thank for it. In the '80s, Larry Chatman was part of the Long Ryders' road crew, and he's since gone on to become Dr. Dre's personal assistant, helping to oversee Dre's Los Angeles recording studio, Record One. Chatman was able to stake his old friends in the Long Ryders to some studio time at Record One, and the result is the band's comeback album, 2019's Psychedelic Country Soul. While the Long Ryders had staged periodic reunion tours since they called it quits in 1987 (most recently in 2016, following the release of the box set Final Wild Songs), heading out to play material from the back catalog and recording a fresh batch of songs are two very different things, and given the circumstances that prompted its creation, one would be forgiven for expecting this project to sound a little stiff or tossed off. Thankfully, those expectations would be dead wrong. Psychedelic Country Soul is every bit as satisfying as 1984's Native Sons and 1987's Two-Fisted Tales, and it's within throwing distance of their best album, 1985's State of Our Union. This is a somewhat more subdued album than what the Ryders delivered in their salad days, with fewer fist-pumping anthems in the manner of "Looking for Lewis and Clark" and more contemplative, midtempo numbers (though their tribute to the love of music and the music of love, "The Sound," comes close). But "What the Eagle Sees" and "Greenville" show that this band can still turn up the heat when they want, and even at its quietest, Psychedelic Country Soul sounds deeply committed and from the heart. They connect especially well on the country-flavored jangle pop of "Greenville," the moody and lovelorn folk-rock of "Molly Somebody," the fiddle-infused acoustic heartbreak of "If You Want to See Me Cry," and the litany of modern injustices in "Bells of August." All four members of the band -- vocalist and guitarist Sid Griffin, guitarist and vocalist Stephen McCarthy, bassist Tom Stevens, and drummer Greg Sowders -- contributed to the songwriting, and the sound and feel of the music is a joyous re-creation of what they've always done best, while the performances are crisp and energized, as taut and passionate as ever. And Ed Stasium's production is smooth but natural, flattering these musicians without intruding on the natural punch of their music. In 2019, the Long Ryders have an awful lot to say, and on Psychedelic Country Soul they're sharing their message with the heart and soul that made them great. It was real nice of Dr. Dre to give them a chance to put it all on tape.
music  ryders  alt-country  2010s  review  reunion 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
Save - by yeaka - Wonder Woman
“I am so proud of you,” her mother tells her; music to her ears, better even than Charlie’s songs—but she doesn’t want to think of that again. She’d meant to make it clear that she can’t stay, this is only a visit in answer to her mother’s letter, but now, in the presence of her family, she finds she doesn’t have the words.

She’ll at least stay a little while. And pray that Men manage for at least a short time without her.

She answers instead, “Is it true?” Her breath catches just thinking of it—Zeus is gone, but his powers, it seems, aren’t. She could scarcely believe the words the dove brought her. “That my sword has been reborn here?”

“Yes,” her mother says, almost with a little laugh, at least a large smile. “You know what you are now, and a demi-god’s tools are not idly destroyed. With us, some powers of the gods still live.”

It’s good to know. Her fists and lasso proved well enough, but none of the mortal swords to be bought in London did her old one justice, even if it never was a Godkiller. Then she thinks to ask, “Tools? Are there others?”
ww  reunion 
8 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Play The Part
Berty - Ray/Fraser, T --- 2,769

Ray has a date for his high school reunion - he just didn't realise it.
ao3  due-south  fraser/ray-k  *t  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  reunion  accidental-dating  pov-ray 
9 weeks ago by we.are.golden
Long Ryders Announce First LP in 30 Years and Deluxe Reissues
Long before alt-country, Americana, Wilco and the Avett Brothers came on the scene, there were the Long Ryders. And now, after more than a 30-year absence from the recording studio, the band is returning with a new album set for release early next year.
Produced by Ed Stasium, Psychedelic Country Soul finds the Long Ryders as vibrant and valid as ever. Jangling 12-string and driving acoustic guitars, along with sweet and earthy harmonies, figure into the first Ryders LP since 1987's Two Fisted Tales.
Psychedelic Country Soul -- which comes out on Feb. 15 -- is “the album we were always trying to make," singer and guitarist Sid Griffin said in a press release. "Each flavor which made the band unique is there be it C&W, rock ’n’ roll, troubadour folk music, raw R&B or out-there psychedelia.”
Unlike other artists who have followed the Americana path over the years, the Long Ryders incorporate all of their diverse influences into a sound that's as contemporary as it is nostalgic. Even though they've performed the occasional reunion show over the years, this is the band's first venture back into the recording studio in more than three decades.
music  ryders  alt-country  reunion  remaster  box_set  80s 
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The Long Ryders Return With Help From Dr. Dre: Listen to New Song 'Greenville' (Exclusive) | Billboard
The Americana vets release their first album of all-new material in 30 years on Feb. 15.
Boredom with playing only old songs during periodic reunions combined with an unexpected opportunity courtesy of Dr. Dre sent The Long Ryders back into the studio for Psychedelic Country Soul, the Americana outfit’s first new album of original material in more than 30 years.
The set’s opening track, "Greenville," premieres exclusively below.
The impetus was a May 2016 call to frontman Sid Griffin from Larry Chatman, a Long Ryders crew member during the ‘80s who'd gone on to work in a key capacity with Dr. Dre. "Larry kept telling me these last 20 years or so that he never forgot how kind The Long Ryders were to him and he'd pay us back one day," Griffin tells Billboard. "I thought maybe he'd give us a thousand bucks or something one day.
"So he calls me and says, 'Later on this fall, Dr. Dre has some studio time free and I'd like to gift it to you guys if you wanted to come in and make a record.' I said, 'You're kidding me!' and he said, 'No.' It's a great state-of-the-art place, and we could use the big room there 'cause Dr. Dre mainly uses the smaller rooms. I just couldn't believe it."
music  alt-country  ryders  2010s  reunion  songs 
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