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Get a return value from invoke-command
$Result = Invoke-Command -ComputerName <<Server>> -ScriptBlock {

Import-Module SQLPS -DisableNameChecking

$DBState = Invoke-SQLCmd "Select state_desc from master.sys.databases where name = '<<DBName>>'" -ServerInstance "DMZWG1" -UserName sa -Password <<Password>>

Return $DBState # you shouldn't even need Return

work  powershell  invoke-command  return 
18 days ago by yarngeek
Bitten by an Adder | Tim Parks
The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy, edited by Simon Avery, Broadview, 512 pp, £9.50, April 2013, ISBN 978 1 55481 070 3.
17th  july  2014  lrb  tim  parks  thomas  hardy  literature  review  book  return  native 
19 days ago by pnjman

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