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Knights - Another puzzler but this time as a ZX Spectrum port!
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yesterday by DarkHalf
Compilation Dizzy Anthology - A bonanza of Amiga Dizzy games playable on PC
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5 days ago by DarkHalf
Adventure-Game Rock Stars Live in Conference - The Digital Antiquarian
On August 24, 1990, CompuServe hosted an online discussion on adventure-game design which included Ron Gilbert, Noah Falstein, Bob Bates, Steve Meretzky, Mike Berlyn, Dave Lebling, Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, Corey and Lori Ann Cole, and Guruka Singh Khalsa.
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11 days ago by lorenzck
Exploding Fish - An old school Arcade game coming to the C64
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16 days ago by DarkHalf
Impossabubble - A brand new ZX Spectrum game by David Clarke, REVIEWED!
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4 weeks ago by DarkHalf

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