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Quattro Bit
Prolegomeni allo studio della storia videoludica: articoli sulla Golden Age dei videogiochi e Archivio Storico. A cura di Andrea Pachetti.
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yesterday by gilberto5757
Rent A Hero – Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster
"It’s just all very Sega with Rent A Hero; it’s unique and exciting and not quite there but it’s been made with so much passion that playing it feels like you’re getting a personal hug from the development team every time you turn it on. The flaws are real and there’s no shame in being put off due to the stiff action segments or the treacle-like walking pace but this game has heart and spirit and at its core is a good-natured sort of mostly-silly adventure that is more than the sum of its wonky parts."
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10 days ago by mechazoidal
Here it is, in da house! 🥰
Can’t wait till I get some games to play on it.
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20 days ago by micktwomey
Here it is, in da house! 🥰
Can’t wait till I get some games to play on it.
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20 days ago by whykay
Fun as this is, I think I might need to tone it down a bit!
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22 days ago by Kevmoss

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