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The Balanced Ternary Machines of Soviet Russia
At the same time in Russia, a group of mathematicians and engineers under the guidance of Nikolay Brusentsov and his colleague Sergei Sobolev were devising different ways in which computers could operate
retrocomputing  soviet  tenary 
4 days ago by vrypan
PICO-8 Fantasy Console
PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a shell for typing in Lua commands and provides simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges.
Lua  games  programming  retro  retrocomputing 
9 days ago by squishyrobot
GitHub - s-macke/SAM: Software Automatic Mouth - Tiny Speech Synthesizer
The original TTS on the C64, now (painfully) translated to C. Supposedly the only free synth that can make Polish sound decent?
retrocomputing  repo:github  tts  audio  c  synthesizer 
14 days ago by mechazoidal
WinWorld: Library
An amazing library of old operating systems and software for download
dos  retrocomputing  nextstep  windows  os2  unix  macos  software 
17 days ago by davewongillies
SCSI2SD emulator/SSD, version 6, Revision F

* Full-Size SD card slot.
* A floppy-style berg power connector is used instead of the traditional Molex plug.
* Better performance. The hardware supports synchronous transfers at 10MB/s.
* Access to the data via USB.. The SCSI2SD drives will appear when connected to a PC via USB. This is limited to around 1.2MB/s (USB FS speeds).
* Superior noise resistance to deal with poor termination and poor cabling.
* Integrated terminator, enabled via software configuration, using SCSI2SD-UTIL6
shopping  hardware  scsi2sd  scsi  sd  retrocomputing 
18 days ago by davewongillies
SCSI2SD V5.1 continues the "V5" family, and is based on the same firmware and hardware as V5, but adds a full size SD card slot, and a DB25 pin header for direct installation of an external SCSI connector.

Termination is now software-controlled (using scsi2sd-util), removing the need to deal with termination resistor packs.
shopping  hardware  scsi2sd  scsi  sd  retrocomputing 
18 days ago by davewongillies
SCSI2SD -The SCSI Hard Drive Emulator for retro computing.
SCSI2SD is an emulator for old SCSI hard drives. It allows replacing one or several old broken SCSI drives with a SD memory card.
hardware  scsi  scsi2sd  sd  retrocomputing 
18 days ago by davewongillies

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