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Altair Original Software
The package below contains a sample collection of sample software for the original Altair 8800 including the famous 4k Basic.
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7 days ago by tardigrader
Grant's home-designed CP/M machine
This project shows how it is possible to construct a fast Z80 computer running full CP/M 2.2 with disk storage using a low cost FPGA board.
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7 days ago by tardigrader
DEMOS Hacks You!
DEMOS is a Unix-like operating system developed in the Soviet Union between 1982 and 1991 and ported to various Soviet-built mini- to mainframe computers, several of which were clones of US manufacturer DEC's hardware.

You can experience this star of Soviet technology in the form of a software emulator running on the CORAZZINI system operated by the Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante (MusIF).
11 days ago by MrGuilt

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