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The main feature are the original articles in which Turbo-Basic XL and the accompanying compiler were published. Turbo-Basic XL was published at the end of 1985 in German Happy Computer magazine, a very popular home computer magazine at the time.
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yesterday by mhd
Acorn Electron (1983). First computer I owned. Yep 12VDC works!
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7 days ago by tomconte
Romantic Robot Multiface 128 Circuit traced and double-checked. Now on to design a PCB!
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12 days ago by DarkHalf
The Observation Deck » The sudden death and eternal life of Solaris
Judging merely by its tombstone, the life of Solaris can be viewed as tragic: born out of wedlock between Sun and AT&T and dying at the hands of a remorseless corporate sociopath a quarter century later. And even that may be overstating its longevity: Solaris may not have been truly born until it was made open source, and — certainly to me, anyway — it died the moment it was again made proprietary. But in that shorter life, Solaris achieved the singular: immortality for its revolutionary technologies. So while we can mourn the loss of the proprietary embodiment of Solaris (and we can certainly lament the coarse way in which its technologists were treated!), we can rejoice in the eternal life of its technologies — in illumos and beyond!
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14 days ago by nicoladagostino

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