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Death of Retail? 2017 Was All About the Empire of Luxury E-Tail - The New York Times
“What is so exciting about the amount of money we were able to raise is that we have proved ourselves and our model on a global scale. Year-on-year sales are growing at an exponential rate,” said the Moda Operandi chief executive, Deborah Nicodemus, who has worked with Ms. Santo Domingo since 2013. Their latest investment round was led by Adrian Cheng, whose family controls the jewelry group Chow Tai Fook, and Apax Digital, a fund advised by Apax Partners, a private equity firm that bought a controlling stake in the rival e-commerce outfit in September.
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Digital progress for Lands End, but land’s end not yet in sight for US heritage brand - by @whostu
"Lands End CEO Jerome Griffith can see signs of the retailer's shift to digital paying off, but there's still a long way to go to turn around the brand."
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+ : "La technologie va pouvoir permettre de savoir « qui vous êtes dès votre entrée dans la boutiqu…
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Where stores can still compete--and win | McKinsey & Company
Note the 7 elements of competing in retail chart.

Double down on the open battlegrounds of the value proposition. For all the progress Amazon has made, there are still a number of areas where it doesn’t have a chokehold. A number of companies have already made significant inroads in preserving and capitalizing on these elements.

Product vetting/touch & feel.
Consultation, advice, authority.
Experience and community
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7 days ago by JohnDrake
Geotracking Could Boost Brick-And-Mortar Retail |
According to news from CNBC on Wednesday (Dec. 6), real estate and investment management services firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) will implement a Pinpoint shopper monitoring system — created in collaboration with Atlanta-based location insights and analytics firm Alexander Babbage — that geotracks customers.

The technology is important because “consumers behave very differently today than they did even three years ago,” according to Greg Maloney, CEO and president of JLL’s retail business.

Geotracking follows real-time traffic patterns in malls, learning where customers go, how long they stay there and where they go next through data pulled when a “location-aware” smartphone or other data-enabled device enters the “geofence.” The information gleaned from the technology will help shopping mall management firms and landlords pick the best tenants to attract customers.
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Try is looking to change how consumers finance online shopping | Glossy
The company operates using a subscription model, where an annual fee of $49 allows users to test up to five items at a time, free of charge. (Or, users can opt to pay $99 for ten items.) They are given seven days from the time a garment is delivered to make a final decision on a purchase, and are required to follow the respective return policies, involving handling any fees. The company makes additional revenue through affiliate programs with retail partners, though Sehgal did not disclose which brands. (He also declined to comment on the number of subscribers using Try.)
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