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Auto industry prepares for used-vehicle future
As many dealers have said, the new-vehicle business is the only department they can't fully control.

Automakers largely dictate the dynamic of the new-vehicle market, dealers say.

And why wouldn't lenders and dealership groups have an eye toward the used-vehicle space as new-vehicle profit margins continue to tighten and new-car and new-truck prices continue to rise?
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14 hours ago by automotive
The Last Video Chain: The Inside Story Of Family Video And Its $400 Million Owner
Family Video has taken a different approach. Instead of accepting discounted movies in exchange for agreements to split revenue, as Blockbuster did, it has opted to buy films outright and keep 100% of rental proceeds, which has paid off in the long run. Hoogland has also kept his stores entirely company-owned, and he keeps costs down by making many of the items needed for new locations in-house—everything from shelving to point-of-sale software. Most important, though, the company owns just about all the real estate underpinning its stores. As a result, Hoogland has been able to adapt now that sales are beginning to fall. He has shrunk the square footage of many of the video stores, put up drywall and leased out space to other companies, like Subway and H&R Block.

He has also experimented with ventures of his own, using his properties to launch 11 fitness centers, an electronics-repair chain called Digital Doc and 149 Marco's Pizza franchises (making him the brand's single largest franchisee). The businesses are managed under the umbrella of Highland Ventures—"Hoogland" means "Highland" in Dutch. Family Video still accounts for nearly 90% of the parent company's $450 million in annual revenue, and Forbes estimates the chain's real estate is worth as much as $750 million.
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15 hours ago by JohnDrake
Two decades of online doesn’t guarantee the necessary omni-channel balance for Nordstrom
"Nordstrom reckons that two decades of online presence is validation of its digital investment and progress, but the omni-channel alignment is still elusive. "
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21 hours ago by jonerp
Magasin Général : Du bon dans du mauvais !
Magasin Général (MG) a ainsi réalisé un résultat net bénéficiaire en hausse de 82,19%passant de 12,14 millions de dinars en 2016 à un 22,13 millions de dinars (MD) en 2017, malgré un impôt de 3,86 MD. Ses actionnaires auront droit cette année, à compter du 31 août 2018, à un dividende de 0,7 dinar par action. En outre, le cours de l’action est passé de 25,680 dinars début de 2017 à 39,500 dinars fin 2017, offrant une belle plus-value aux actionnaires de la société.

La société a enregistré un chiffre d’affaires (CA) HT en hausse de 2,12%, qui a évolué de 841,72 MD en 2016 à 859,19 MD en 2017. Ses charges d’exploitation ont évolué de 869,13 MD à 851,28 MD, pour cette même période, avec une hausse des charges personnel de 10,3%.

Pour le groupe, le résultat passe de 5,81 MD en 2016 à 10,43 MD en 2017. Un résultat réalisé en grande partie, 5,8 MD, des remontés des dividendes au titre de 2016 des sociétés filiales et notamment à la Centrale Magasin Général.
23 hours ago by damianshore
Sezzle - Shop Now. Pay Later. No Interest. No Fees if paid on time. No Hard Credit Check. 4 payments over 6 weeks.
We split the purchase amount into 4 interest-free payments, spread over 6 weeks. There are no fees if you pay on time.
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yesterday by shalmaneser
Enterprise hits and misses – Black Friday looms, SAP splurges on Qualtrics as CX heats up
"In his latest travel-streamlined, road-punchy version of hits and misses, Jon picks the highlights from the week’s biggest shows, his best-of picks from the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs. SAP's acquisition of Qualtrics gets special attention."
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yesterday by jonerp
50 Best AI Retail Applications | Insider Trends
We’ve outlined 50 ways in which retailers are putting AI into action, from personalising beauty to forecasting demand.
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yesterday by ianjindal

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