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Escape from Fort De Soto
1:19 Sprint - onward to Ceatano Veloso & Gilberto Gil
TriCanes  race  results 
5 days ago by em_zissou
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Availability of evidence of benefits on overall survival and quality of life of cancer drugs approved by European Medicines Agency: retrospective cohort study of drug approvals 2009-13 | The BMJ
This systematic evaluation of oncology approvals by the EMA in 2009-13 shows that most drugs entered the market without evidence of benefit on survival or quality of life. At a minimum of 3.3 years after market entry, there was still no conclusive evidence that these drugs either extended or improved life for most cancer indications. When there were survival gains over existing treatment options or placebo, they were often marginal.
EMA  approval  results  healthcare  Drugs  cancer 
4 weeks ago by PieroRivizzigno
Survey: Islamophobia in Canada (2018)
"CJPME is delighted to release the results of a Canada-wide survey it has co-sponsored with the Canadian Muslim Forum. Conducted by a professional polling firm, EKOS Research Associates, the poll provides many important insights on Islamophobia and multiculturalism in Canada."
crhesi  radar  survey  results  islam  islamophobia 
5 weeks ago by jamesshelley
Craftsmanship—The Alternative to the Four Hour Work Week Mindset
> What is missed in all of this is the mindset of craftsmanship; that one’s expertise and deliberate focus on one’s craft is actually the primary driver for success and not some crapshoot of a series of hacks.

compare cf. "nonzero days"

>I didn’t know how to do x, so I just had to figure it out.’ This is what I regularly hear from successful founders, whereas ‘I couldn’t find someone to do X, so I had to reconsider whether to pursue it at all’ is a common refrain from unsuccessful founders.

This sounds like bullshit
entrepreneur  business  career  craftsmanship  nonzero  productivity  effort  results 
5 weeks ago by po

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