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Why Are Record Companies Dumping Their Spotify Stock? - Office of Copyright
Yet, if the prospects for Spotify are as rosy as the internet would have you assume, why, in a least two cases, dump the stock and run for the hills? (As of the writing of this post, only Universal Music Group still retains its full share out of the major labels.)
Spotify  profitability  results  review  critique  music  streamingmedia  OfficeofCopyright  2018 
2 days ago by inspiral
Why You Should Hire A Professional Painter
Do have an area of your home that needs to be painted? Are you going to hire a professional painter or do the job yourself?
paint  professional  results 
9 days ago by Adventure_Web
Voice search: what will the future bring? • Yoast
Voice search is gaining popularity. But what will the future bring? Joost and Marieke discuss the pros and cons of voice and describe a possible future scenario
google  voice  search  results  seo  yoast 
20 days ago by jennettefulda
Why Netflix’s share price dropped.
Netflix famously commissions new shows by looking at enormous amounts of data on who watches what. The assumption is that people watch what they like and that the more they watch, the more they value the service. But that’s not necessarily true: It suffers from the same fallacy as Facebook’s assumption that people click on and engage with the content they most want to see. If people stream hours on end of garbage shows on Netflix six days a week while they wait for the next episode of the show they really care about on a legacy cable channel, then Netflix will never have the market power to raise its subscription price to a profitable level.
Netflix  strategy  growth  results  review  streamingmedia  television  Slate  2018 
28 days ago by inspiral

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