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Olympus DP73® 14-Bit Microscope Camera Offers 17.28-Megapixel Image Capture, Higher Sensitivity, Exceptional Color, Ease of Use
CENTER VALLEY, Pa., November 15, 2011 – The Olympus DP73 digital microscope camera makes it easy for researchers, pathologists, neuroscientists and others to achieve exceptional imaging results. The latest in the popular line of Olympus DP cameras, it delivers the highest combination of bit depth (14-bit) and pixel resolution (17.28mb), for ultra-high resolution and exceptional color reproduction, even in very light or dark image areas. A powerful 3-CCD mode enhances normal pixel-shifting optical technology so the camera delivers ultra-high-quality brightfield and widefield fluorescence images without the interpolation artifacts typical of other Bayer mask cameras.
CENTER  VALLEY  Pa.  November  15  2011    The  Olympus  DP73  digital  microscope  camera  makes  it  easy  for  researchers  pathologists  neuroscientists  and  others  to  achieve  exceptional  imaging  results.  The  latest  in  popular  line  of  Olympus  DP  cameras  it  delivers  highest  combination  of  bit  depth  (14-bit)  and  pixel  resolution  (17.28mb)  microscopy  companies 
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