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Long Shadows
Six years after the Winchesters spent a few weeks in the small town of Campbell Pass, Sam and Dean are back in town on a case. They'll find that not all evil is supernatural, and this job will lead to the revelation of secrets Sam hoped to keep hidden. Set in Season 1. WARNING: Attempted Suicide
fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  genre:  angst  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  OFCs  genre:  case!fic  genre:  hurt/comfort  warning:  suicide  attempt  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  abducted  hurt:  drugged  hurt:  restrained  theme:  kidnapped  affliction:  kidnapped!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  frantic!dean  theme:  secrets/lies  theme:  manipulation  hurt:  depression  hurt:  self  harm  author:  jedi  sapphire  wc:  10000-15000  rating:  PG13 
june 2014 by reggie11
Out of Africa
They managed to escape the woods unscathed-or so they thought. When Sam's health begins to decline, Dean searches frantically for the cause and the cure, only to find that they must go back.
fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  bobby  singer  character:  OFC  genre:  case!fic  creature:  witch  doctor  genre:  angst  genre:  hurt/comfort  season  2  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  poisoned  hurt:  trapped  hurt:  blood  loss  hurt:  halucinations  hurt:  restrained  affliction:  hurt!dean  hurt:  knocked  out  drugged  theme:  curse/spell  author:  aj  wesley  wc:  10000-15000  rating:  PG13 
may 2014 by reggie11
Careful With That Axe, Eugene ★★★★★
While Magnus has Sam tied up he continues to cut and taunt Sam. Sam holds it together - he's been tortured before. It's not until Magnus threatens to possess him with an angel he's been holding captive that he totally falls apart - begging, pleading for him not to do it. Dean witnesses (and now understands) just how emotionally messed up Sam is.
This is utterly exquisite. I can't recommend it highly enough.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  wc:  1000-2000  author:  crimsonepitaph  creature:  angel  attribute:  guilty!dean  attribute:  in-denial!dean  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  emotional  trauma  hurt:  blood  loss  hurt:  terror  hurt:  torture  affliction:  hurt!sam  warning:  torture  theme:  possession  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  character:  magnus  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
may 2014 by reggie11
Poison Apples (Bad Boys Remix) ★★★★★
Things like this don’t happen under a noonday sun when Dean should be sitting behind the bleachers at school, flirting with pretty girls because they see his eyes and they like his hair and think he’s cute, because his lips are soft and their lips are softer.
WARNING: Contains non-explicit rape of a minor. Utterly heartbreaking
genre:  gen  rating:  ★★★★★  warning:  violence  rating:  M  wc:  2000-5000  warning:  underage  author:  alexa_dean  theme:  neglect  warning:  abuse  (sexual)  warning:  child  abuse  hurt:  neglect  genre:  law  enforcement  hurt:  confined  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  rape  affliction:  hurt!dean  theme:  arrested  warning:  rape/non-con  pairing:  dean/OMC  warning:  dark!fic  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  character:  OMC  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  angst  fandom:  SPN 
april 2014 by reggie11
Saving Sam ★★★★★
Dean wakes up in the hospital. He's told he was in a coma, his mother and father are still alive ... and that he is Sam, an only child. There never was a Dean.
I have this tagged as hurt!dean and hurt!sam even though only one of them is actually hurt. I'll let you decide which one it is...
You should also read the meta the author wrote on this. It's a fascinating look at what goal the writers might be aiming for.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  author:  brightly_lit  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  hospitalized  hurt:  coma  affliction:  hurt!dean  theme:  mental  illness  warning:  psychological  horror  character:  sam  winchester  character:  karla  character:  dr  hydeker  character:  tessa  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
april 2014 by reggie11
Bait ★★★★★
Sam and Dean join up with other hunters on a hunt, but there's a reason their dad usually hunted alone...
Everything this author writes is fabulous.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  wc:  5000-10000  author:  K  Hanna  Korossy  season  1  genre:  drama  attribute:  angry!dean  attribute:  protective!dean  hurt:  hospitalized  hurt:  blood  loss  hurt:  cut  hurt:  used  as  bait  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  betrayal  affliction:  hurt!sam  theme:  manipulation  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  angst  genre:  casefic  character:  OMCs  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
Dark Side Of the Hunt
Post-6.14. When news of Sam and Dean's return to the hunt gets around, some old "friends" come back to find out what's going on. With Sam missing, Dean and Bobby race to find him before the rogue hunters do something to crumble the wall in Sam's mind.
episode:  mannequin  3  the  reckoning  author:  purplehairedwonder  attribute:  protective!dean  theme:  kidnapped  theme:  voicemail  fix  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  cut  hurt:  broken  bones  hurt:  blood  loss  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  torture  hurt:  abducted  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  hurt/comfort  warning:  graphic  torture  warning:  spoilers  season  6  character:  tim  and  reggie  character:  roy  character:  walt  character:  castiel  character:  bobby  singer  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN  hurt:  great  wall  of  sam  hurt:  seizure  genre:  family  rating:  R  wc:  30000-40000 
march 2014 by reggie11
When You Came Out Of The Dark
Jensen doesn't really know why he told the guy who'd been basically harassing him that he'd go out with him. And now they're at the opening night for some circus freak show that the guy seems to think qualifies as a proper date location. Jensen's just itching to leave until they enter a room where the 'freak' on display is a winged man, beaten and bruised. Jensen can't seem to get the man out of his head.
hurt:  PTSD  hurt:  nightmares  rating:  NC17  wc:  10000-15000  author:  jackles67  warning:  abuse  (physical)  character:  mark  sheppard  character:  OMC  character:  daneel  harris  attribute:  protective!jensen  attribute:  winged!jared  theme:  freak  show  kink:  wing!kink  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  confined  hurt:  starved  hurt:  beaten  affliction:  hurt!jared  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  angst  genre:  first  time  pairing:  jared/jensen  genre:  au  fandom:  J2 
march 2014 by reggie11
Pull Me Out From Under
Jared's a hunter. He's never had any qualms about killing things that go bump in the night but one night he goes back to another hunter's lair for a beer and sees that he's keeping vampire!Jensen prisoner and using him as a slave as well as beating/torturing/raping him whenever he wants.
rating:  NC17  wc:  10000-15000  author:  jackles67  attribute:  protective!jared  hurt:  blood  loss  position:  top!jared  position:  bottom!jensen  warning:  murder  references  hurt:  sexual  assault  hurt:  poisoned  creature:  djinn  hurt:  cut  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  confined  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  starvation  hurt:  torture  hurt:  rape  affliction:  hurt!jared  affliction:  hurt!jensen  attribute:  hunter!jared  attribute:  vampire!jensen  genre:  first  time  warning:  violence  warning:  torture  warning:  rape/non-con  pairing:  jensen/OMC  pairing:  jared/jensen  genre:  au  fandom:  J2 
march 2014 by reggie11
Babe in the Woods
Sam goes out drinking alone and ends up regretting it in ways he could never imagine.
I haven't marked this as slash or het because although the creature that has Sam is female it's still a monster not a girl. This has a pretty ambiguous ending which may lead to a sequel.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  NC17  wc:  2000-5000  hurt:  body  modification  author:  blushingliars  warning:  dark!fic  genre:  horror  warning:  ambiguous  ending  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  attribute:  protective!dean  hurt:  poisoned  hurt:  tortured  from  the  inside  hurt:  rape  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  abducted  hurt:  drugged  affliction:  hurt!sam  warning:  torture  creature:  unspecified  pairing:  sam/monster  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  warning:  rape/non-con  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
february 2014 by reggie11
Overcome By You
Jensen has a new roommate who drives him crazy. Between the nightly hook-ups and the thin walls, Jensen, and his other roommate, Kristin, don’t get a lot of sleep. One night – when the ‘guest’ sounds unwilling – changes Jensen’s life, and his frustration turns to anger and then protectiveness when he finds out who his roommate has brought home.
rating:  PG13  wc:  2000-5000  author:  with_you_baby  warning:  attempted  non-con  hurt:  sexual  assault  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  restrained  affliction:  hurt!jared  attribute:  protective!jensen  genre:  first  kiss  character:  kristen  bell  character:  OMC  pairing:  jared/OMC  pairing:  jared/jensen  genre:  au  fandom:  J2 
february 2014 by reggie11
Escape to the Future
Detective Jensen Ackles, pride of the Chicago Police Force’s special crime unit is asked by Captain Jeffrey Morgan to investigate the newest serial killings to hit the Windy City. The only problem – the killer escaped capture before and left only one victim alive, Jensen’s lover and life partner Jared Padalecki-Ackles. Can they find the Crimson Killer before he strikes again?
WARNING: Extremely graphic rape and torture.
theme:  religious  intolerance  warning:  homophobia  rating:  NC17  wc:  90000+  author:  dark_shadow85  genre:  cop!fic  theme:  FBI  hurt:  dislocated  shoulder  hurt:  shame  hurt:  hospitalized  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  whipped  genre:  married  boys  genre:  established  relationship  warning:  graphic  violence  warning:  graphic  torture  warning:  graphic  rape  affliction:  kidnapped!jared  theme:  kidnapped  character:  sandra  mccoy  character:  sophia  bush  career:  cop!jensen  career:  writer!jared  attribute:  protective!jensen  attribute:  scarred!jared  hurt:  torn  flesh  hurt:  terror  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  burned  hurt:  torture  hurt:  rape  hurt:  abducted  affliction:  hurt!jared  position:  top!jensen  position:  bottom!jared  genre:  suspense  character:  OCs  character:  misha  collins  character:  michael  rosenbaum  character:  tom  welling  character:  samantha  ferris  character:  chad  michael  murray  character:  chris  kane  character:  jeffrey  dean  morgan  pairing:  steve/sandy  pairing:  jared/jensen  genre:  serial  killer  genre:  rps  genre:  au  fandom:  J2 
february 2014 by reggie11
From the Darkness
He was terrified. This wasn't what I'd signed up for. Outsider POV. Sam has been abducted and is the victim of cruel medical experiments.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  Attribute:  psychic!sam  wc:  5000-10000  author:  K  Hanna  Korossy  warning:  torture  hurt:  drugged  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  confined  hurt:  abducted  hurt:  terror  hurt:  torture  hurt:  medical  experimentation  protective!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  OFC  genre:  outsider  pov  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
january 2014 by reggie11

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modification  morgan  mosely  movie  movie:  murder  murray  muttering  mystery  national  nc17  ncc1701a  neglect  nightmares  nipple  no  non-con  non-linear  nsfw  ocs  of  ofc  ofcs  older!jared/younger!jensen  omc  omcs  out  outlaw!dean  outsider  pain  pairing:  pakistan  panic  paperbkryter  parental/child  pedophilia  petrino  pg13  phoenix_dragon  photo  photographer  photography  piercings  pining!sam  pneumonia  poisoned  position:  possession  post  pov  powergames  pre-series  prince!jared  prisoner  protective!dean  protective!jared  protective!jensen  protective!john  protective!sam  psychic!sam  psychological  ptsd  publisher!jensen  punkin09  purplehairedwonder  r  ranger!jared  ranger!jensen  rape/non-con  rape  rating:  reapertown  reckoning  recovery  references  reggie  relationship  religious  renee  renegade  reporter  ridiculous  rimming  road  romance  rope  rosenbaum  roy  rps  ruby  runedgirl  sam/dean  sam/gordon  sam/john  sam/meg  sam/monster  sam/ofc  sam/omc  sam/omcs  sam  samantha  sandra  sapphire  scared!dean  scarred!jared  season  season:  secret  secrets/lies  secrets  security  seizure  self  semigloss  sentenced  serial  sex  sexual  sexy  shadows  shame  shapeshifter  sheppard  shoulder  show  sick!sam  sick  singer  sky  slashed  slave!jared  slavery  smuggling  sophia  spirit  spn  spoilers  spy!fic  stalker!fic  stardust  starvation  starved  steve/sandy  stock  stomped  stopped  strangled  suicide  supernatural  suspense  swim  switching  sylsdarkplace  teen!chester  ten/master  terror  terrorism  terrorist  tessa  the  theme:  threatening  tied  tim  time  to  tom  top!dean  top!jared  top!jensen  torn  torture  tortured!sam  tortured  toys  trapped  trauma  travel  trust  tumblr  tv  underage  undercover  unspecified  unwitting  up  uriel  used  vampire!jensen  varkelton  vengeful  very  vessel!sam  violence  voicemail  walker  wall  walt  warning:  wc:  weatherly  webdesign  wee!chester  wee!sam  welling  wendigo  wesley  whipped  wilson  wincest  winchester  wing!kink  winged!jared  wipe  witch  with_you_baby  wolfish_willow  woman  world  wound  writer!jared  writer!jensen  xavier  zachariah  zolwa2r  zuben_eschamali  ★★★★★ 

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