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Running from the Windows Task Scheduler - Getting Help - restic forum
I’ve been struggling to get Restic running on Windows, using the Task Scheduler to automatically run periodic backups, but so far without luck. It looks like others have backups running on Windows, presumably also using …
7 days ago by synergyfactor
Sulfuror / · GitLab
”rescript is a bash shell wrapper for Restic that makes easy to configure repositories and work with them.”
restic  script  productivity  foss  software  backup 
10 days ago by kr4d
Recovery options for damaged repositories - Features and Ideas - restic forum
”we’ve just been hit by this. We’re missing a tree and a few blobs. Thankfully we caught it quickly”
bug  backup  restic  reference  foss  software 
10 days ago by kr4d
Added support for BackBlaze B2 Application Keys - Announcements - restic forum
Hey, I thought it’d be nice to let you know: I’ve just merged a PR which updates the library we’re using for accessing BackBlaze B2 ( so that restic now supports “Application Keys”. Before…
restic  backblaze 
17 days ago by synergyfactor
GitHub - restic/rest-server: Rest Server is a high performance HTTP server that implements restic's REST backend API.
Rest Server is a high performance HTTP server that implements restic's REST backend API. - restic/rest-server
5 weeks ago by synergyfactor

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