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Expose JavalinServlet in a better way · Issue #511 · tipsy/javalin · GitHub
Currently there's EmbeddedJavalin which extends Javalin, overrides a bunch of methods which can't be used, and sets Javalins jetty config to nulls. It would be good if we could expose JavalinServlet more easily. @mvysny might have some o...
javalin  framework  restful  howto  java 
4 days ago by willyh
jeffknupp/sandman2: Automatically generate a RESTful API service for your legacy database. No code required!
sandman2 automagically generates a RESTful API service from your existing database, without requiring you to write a line of code. Simply point sandman2 to your database, add salt for seasoning, and voila!, a fully RESTful API service with hypermedia support starts running, ready to accept HTTP requests.
database  api  python  rest  restful 
5 weeks ago by RBarnard
HTTP/1.1: Status Code Definitions
RFC 2616
7 weeks ago by jojobong
REST Countries
An open API which returns information about countries. You can limit the properties returned for each country, for example curl ";alpha2Code"

//Response to :
//looks like this
// [
// ...
// {"name":"New Zealand","alpha2Code":"NZ"}
// ...
// ]
7 weeks ago by shearichard

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