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New York Beer Project opening massive brewery and gastropub in Victor
A destination brewery from the Buffalo area will soon open a second location in the Rochester area.
The New York Beer Project, the massive Niagara County brewery modeled after New York's majestic Grand Central Station, has eyes on Ontario County. Town leaders and brewery owners confirm that NYBP will open a second sister location in Victor, near Eastview Mall, as early as December (but realistically in early 2019).
New York Beer Project's Midtown location on High Street, near Route 96, will feature a multistory 15,700-square-foot space that includes a gastropub, indoor beer garden, outdoor patio, small production brewery, mezzanine event space and a rooftop terrace, brewery co-owner Kelly Krupski said.
Victor Supervisor Jack Marren said the project has received town approval and major construction is slated to begin in the coming weeks.
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13 US Gas Station Foods We’d Drive the Extra Mile For
Paneer Frankie
In California, we have so many great drive-throughs (ahem, In-n-Out!) that gas stations are not generally known for their eats—except for one Chevron in West Los Angeles. In this Chevron lives the Bombay Frankie Company, which specializes in the eponymous, hugely popular Indian street food. A piece of thin naan is slathered with a chickpea spread and mint chutney, filled with a spiced curry, like aloo gobi, shahi paneer, or chicken tikka, and topped with a crunchy cucumber salad and tangy tamarind drizzle before being tightly rolled up and eaten with yogurt raita (and a lot of napkins). This place is definitely worth the commute (and LA traffic!). —Brinda Ayer
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