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List of Restaurants - City of Waltham, MA, USA food guide
"My goal is to keep this guide as up to date as possible. If you have new information about restaurants listed, or I've omitted your favorite Waltham restaurant, please let me know. Some good suggestions I've received from readers: list Kosher and Halal restaurants, list places that have brunch, note whether the restaurant delivers, or has takeout. All Waltham restaurants are now non-smoking. Reviews or other comments from readers are welcome."
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yesterday by grahams
Chinatown. (ish)

417 Washington St., Boston
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2 days ago by chyde
Why Does This Fancy Shopping Mall Smell Like Street Meat? - The New York Times
So those of us who follow David Chang’s mind along its switchbacks and cul-de-sacs have to wonder if he was being subversive when he decided to install Bang Bar, which is essentially a shawarma stand, on the mall’s third floor.
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3 days ago by ramitsethi

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