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ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
More or less all the big APIs are REST­ful these days. Yeah, you can quib­ble about what “REST” means (and I will, a bit) but the as­ser­tion is broad­ly true. Is it go­ing to stay that way forever? Seems un­like­ly. So, what’s nex­t?
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58 minutes ago by micktwomey
ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
Good read. It’s remarkable how much of this prediction of the future is essentially from the Enterprise Integration Patterns book. I’ll have to give that a re-read.

It seems in­evitable to me that, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the world of high-throughput high-elasticity cloud-native app­s, we’re go­ing to see a steady in­crease in re­liance on per­sis­tent con­nec­tion­s, or­ches­tra­tion, and message/event-based log­ic. If you’re not us­ing that stuff al­ready, now would be a good time to start learn­ing.

But I bet that for the fore­see­able fu­ture, a high pro­por­tion of all re­quests to ser­vices are go­ing to have (ap­prox­i­mate­ly) HTTP se­man­tic­s, and that for most con­trol planes and quite a few da­ta planes, REST still pro­vides a good clean way to de­com­pose com­pli­cat­ed prob­lem­s, and its ex­treme sim­plic­i­ty and re­silience will mean that if you want to de­sign net­worked app­s, you’re still go­ing to have to learn that way of think­ing about things.
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1 hour ago by jefframnani
Thoughts about what comes after REST for high-performance APIs.
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2 hours ago by look
REST-APIs mit Node.js und Swagger | heise Developer
Wer sich mit der Konzeption und Entwicklung von REST-APIs beschäftigt, landet früher oder später bei einer API-Beschreibungssprache wie RAML, API Blueprint oder Swagger. Gerade Letzteres lässt die Integration in Node.js-Anwendungen relativ einfach von der Hand gehen.
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11 hours ago by HusseinMorsy
Tim Bray shares his thoughts on a world post REST. It looks incredibly RESTful.
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14 hours ago by billglover

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