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REST versus GraphQL
Comparison of REST and GraphQL.
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3 days ago by angusm
API Versioning Has No “Right Way” – APIs You Won’t Hate
Deprecating Fields with OpenAPI v3.0
You can advertise to humans that fields are going away with OpenAPI and it’s “deprecated” keyword, added in v3.0. This is far from perfect as there is not really a computery way to detect these deprecations without shoving a link to your OpenAPI schemas into the JSON response.
JSON Schema is working on adding this, and it’s far more common for JSON Schema links to be placed into the JSON response. For now, don’t remove any fields, just add new fields, and use a new representation if you really just cannot handle the old contract.
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3 days ago by janpeuker
WP REST API v2 Documentation
Access your WordPress site's data through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API.
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4 days ago by vegarev

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