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flugger/laravel-responder: A Laravel Fractal package for building API responses, giving you the power of Fractal with Laravel's elegancy.
Library that uses Fractal PHP library underneath for API resource (data) transformation but, also, facilitates HTTP responses in JSON format for a RESTful API.
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2 hours ago by racl101
Fire that started from ‘a routine post-experiment wash-up’ closes building for a year
The University of St. Andrews says its biomedical sciences building may be unusable for a year or longer, after a fire broke out in the building on Feb. 10.
The flames were confined to a small section of the building, but thousands of gallons of water used to extinguish the fire caused significant damage, according to an incident description released by the institution on Feb. 15. No staff or students were injured.
The fire started on the third floor of the building after “a routine post-experiment wash-up went wrong,” the university says in its statement. A university spokesperson declined to comment further on the exact cause of the incident.
At the time of the fire, manufacturers of laboratory freezers, which typically store biological material at -80 °C, warned the university that they had 20 hours from loss of power before materials would start to degrade due to rising temperatures. Teams of researchers, university staff, and firefighters “recovered the vast majority of BMS refrigerated storage capacity, and with it the careers and the research critical to so many strands of microbiological and biomedical understanding,” the university says.
Around 100 researchers —chemists, virologists, microbiologists, and others— work in the affected building. It remains unclear where the institution will house these researchers while the building is repaired. “Options are being explored urgently to allow researchers to get back to fully equipped benches, with everything they require to continue their work, as soon as possible,” the university says.
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11 hours ago by dchas
Chlorine Identified As Chemical Involved In Ennis Hotel Incident
Clare County Council has confirmed high levels of chlorine have been identified as the chemical found in water being pumped from an Ennis Hotel.

Emergency services were alerted to a flooding incident in the Leisure centre at the Auburn Lodge Hotel in Ennis this morning, and while initial test results were clear, chemicals were discovered once fire crews began pumping water away.

The contaminated water is being disposed of at local licenced waste facility.

The hotel remains open though the leisure centre may remain closed for up to 48 hours to deal with the incident fully.

A spokesperson from the the Auburn Hotel has confirmed that the hotel “had a leak in the basement area of the Leisure Centre, in accordance with our safety plan the area was isolated and emergency service called”.
Ireland  public  release  response  chlorine  waste 
yesterday by dchas
Tesla Powerwall 2: How it works - Business Insider
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is speaking with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello about using the company's battery options to restore power to the storm-ridden island.
response  technology  energy 
yesterday by sew245
Doomsday clock stays at two minutes to midnight as crisis now 'new abnormal' | World news | The Guardian
The risk to global civilisation from nuclear weapons and climate change remains at an all-time high, according to a group of prominent US scientists and former officials, who said the world’s predicament had become the “new abnormal”.
nuclear  culture  response  military 
2 days ago by sew245
The Male Gazed by Kate Losse | Model View Culture
I was at a party at South by Southwest last year when I ran into a group of my former Facebook coworkers. It was only minutes before I was swept up in a performance that is in many ways the defining ritual of Facebook, an unpaid performance that has made a few technical men very rich and powerful, and has enabled the unprecedented access of the government to the personal data of over a billion people.
culture  technology  response  socialmedia  gender 
2 days ago by sew245
Celebrating Native American culture, past and present
In my family, I’m the first generation to grow up completely off-reservation. Much of my early exposure to Native peoples and culture was through public education. Over the years, I’ve learned that Native history is more complicated than any single perspective can convey. And as a Googler, I’ve learned that access to information is key to understanding our world. That’s why this November, during Native American Heritage Month, we’re making it easier for teachers and students to learn about how modern-day Native communities live and think.
culture  indigenous  google  response  history 
2 days ago by sew245
Strategic Inefficiency | feministkilljoys
In this post I describe a problem I have given a name “strategic inefficiency.” That name came to mind as I was listening to people’s experiences of making formal complaints. I was hearing accounts of unexplained and excruciating delays; of confidential folders being sent to the wrong person or being posted with incomplete addresses; of whole complaint files mysteriously disappearing; of meetings that were not properly minuted or that were assembled haphazardly in contradiction with policy and procedure. These scenes of institutional disarray were familiar to me as an academic who had worked at universities for over twenty years (1). I had even worked at one university that had seemed almost proud of its inefficiency, an inefficiency I am tempted to call critical inefficiency, an inefficiency that was assumed to be critical by virtue of an implied refusal of an injunction to be efficient (2).  But I was also hearing something else beyond the mess or in the mess. I was listening to the sound of machinery: the clunk, clunk that was telling me that inefficiency is not just about the failure of things to work properly but can be how things are working. In other words, I began to realise that inefficiency was not just about errors in an operating system; errors can be an operating system.
culture  response  gender  education 
2 days ago by sew245
A fire broke out at Tesla's Fremont factory, but was quickly contained with no one injured
A fire broke out at Tesla's car production plant in Fremont, California Saturday night, but was contained and did not impact vehicle production.

According to The Mercury News, citing Fremont Deputy Fire Chief Amiel Thurston, the fire broke out at around 8.25 p.m. PT (11.25 p.m. ET) and started in "a 10 foot by 10 foot area containing hazardous waste in an exterior storage area." The fire was quickly contained, Thurston said.

"There’s no threat to the public at this time. The hazmat team is monitoring both the atmosphere conditions and the fire," Thurston said.
us_CA  industrial  fire  response  waste 
3 days ago by dchas
'Booby-trapped' safe prompts hazmat response in Amesbury
AMESBURY -- When the owner of a former carriage factory on Chestnut Street opened a “booby-trapped” old safe Friday afternoon, fire officials say a vial of what appeared to be CS gas – similar to tear gas – rolled out onto the floor.

The vial didn’t break, but the building owner quickly called 911, prompting a hazmat response by Amesbury firefighters and evacuation of the building at 6 Chestnut St.

Fire Chief Kenneth E. Berkenbush said Friday in a press release that when the new owner of the building opened one of the doors of the World War II-era safe, “a booby trap was triggered, causing a vial with suspected CS gas inside to fall to the ground.” The chief said CS gas is an irritant that is not generally poisonous.

Berkenbush his firefighters responded just after 4 p.m. to what he termed a Tier 1 response, the lowest tier out of five. There was no danger to the public, he added. Amesbury police roped off Chestnut and Washington streets and a hazmat team from the Massachusetts State Police also responded to the building, which is the former Biddle and Smart carriage factory. 
us_MA  public  discovery  response  irritant 
4 days ago by dchas
What's in a DNS response? - DNSimple Blog
DNS queries and responses fly across the internet all day, but we don't often take a look at what's inside of them. Today we do.
dns  response 
6 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Clemson University building cleared after suspicious package evacuation
The Dillard Building on Clemson's campus was evacuated Tuesday morning over a potential hazmat incident, a CU Safe Alert said. 

An all clear was given at 11:11 a.m. 

The building is home to the university's shipping and receiving services and sits on Fort Hill Street to the east of Memorial Stadium.

The mail room team there found a package that seemed suspicious and had powder coming out of it, Joe Galbraith, Clemson's associate vice president for strategic communications said.

The building was evacuated as a precaution while the substance was tested and the shipper was contacted, Galbraith said. 

The package was legitimate and simply mislabeled, and the powder was not dangerous, Galbraith said. 
us_SC  education  release  response  dust 
7 days ago by dchas
Bomb Squad detonates 38 pounds of explosives found in PVC pipe behind Terra Ceia home
SARASOTA (WWSB) - Four explosions early Sunday morning caused many ABC7 viewers to reach out to us for more information.
A homeowner in Palmetto, said he found a PVC pipe in the swampy mangroves behind his house.
When he cut it open, he found that it was a 7 foot, 4 inch PVC pipe filled with explosives.
“This is such an unusual case,” said Mike Blozki, Captain of the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue’s Hazmat Team.
“This is like a once in a lifetime kind of thing in Manatee County and it kind of throws responders for a loop," said Captain Blozki. "Especially when we estimate, you’re dealing with 38 pounds of a true blasting agent that’s been rediscovered after 40-45 years behind, somewhere.”
us_FL  public  discovery  response  explosives 
7 days ago by dchas
One Person Treated After 'Minor Explosion' In Lab at RJ Reynolds Tobacco in Winston-Salem
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Reynolds American Inc. says a HAZMAT was called to its Winston-Salem facility after a "minor explosion" in a lab Tuesday morning. 

The company says one person was taken to the hospital out of precaution. No injuries have been reported. 

Reynolds released the following statement: 

“We had an incident in an on-site contractor’s lab where a chemical interaction caused a minor explosion. All persons in the lab were evaluated and one person was transported to the hospital out of precaution. No injuries have been reported. The incident did not cause property damage and will not disrupt our business activities at the location.
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7 days ago by dchas

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