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Sierra Leone’s Response to the Ebola Outbreak: Management Strategies and Key Responder Experiences
March 2017 Chatham House paper
Drawing on interviews with key Sierra Leonean and international responders, this paper helps shed light on the challenges that affected Sierra Leone's response to the Ebola outbreak.
sierra_leone  chatham_house  ebola  responders 
july 2017 by strohps
The Importance of First Aid Training
There is a universal need for first aid training, so let’s define some vital elements of that training.
first  aid  training  responders 
july 2017 by Adventure_Web
Eversource Energy: Manchester Emergency Response Leaders Attend Eversource “Outage School” - The Wall Street Transcript
Officials and first responders from the City of Manchester joined us recently for "Outage School," a unique safety training opportunity that covered the operation of our electric system, how we manage restoration efforts during widespread power outages, and how we communicate during significant storm. Additionally, the group took a tour of the company's Integrated System Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Command Center (ICC).  positive  training  Manchester  responders 
may 2017 by northernpass
Designing Soft Packs for Emergency Responders
When designing soft packs for emergency responders, there’s a lot to consider.
custom  soft  packs  for  emergency  responders 
may 2017 by Adventure_Web
What is the Correct Infrastructure for Public Safety DAS?
A public safety DAS is specially constructed to provide reliable coverage to emergency responders.
public  safety  DAS  first  responders  emergency  distributed  antenna  system  fiber 
march 2017 by Adventure_Web
Sites Like - 50 alternatives
Collection of online response systems. Some are likely no longer available.
clicker  responders  responsesystems 
april 2014 by amann
Polls/Voting Booths
Collection of student response systems.
clicker  responders  responsesystem 
april 2014 by amann
Google Glass To Arm Police, Firefighters - Government - Mobile &
Mutualink says teaming Google's Internet-connected eyewear with its network will help emergency personnel improve public safety.
first  responders  police  fire  fighters  firefighters  firemen  Mutualink  Google  Google  Glass 
august 2013 by KMP

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