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Ellen DeGeneres And The Limits Of Relatability
Yes, we all have a shared humanity. But there is so much more that we don’t share — race, education level, class, marital status, ability, gender identity, the list goes on — and those are the things that directly contribute to our ability to succeed and survive in this world. Attempting to erase or downplay those differences can make room for individual successes but won’t actually do much to chip away at inequality at large; rather, those attempts tend only to obscure inequality’s real roots.

Nanette explicitly rejects the politics of acceptance, of tolerance, of relatability, of “love is love” messaging as a cure for anti-gay bigotry.
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january 2019 by yolandaenoch
Opinion | I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration
Thread on why Dan Bloom thinks Mike Pence is the anonymous writer of this NYT Op-ed:

Another good thread on Decency Resistance by Jeet Heer (and why we shouldn't fall for the okey-doke):
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Stop Trying to Be Good — Be Black
we cannot make white people love us by being "good" and mannerable in our resistance to oppression. Being college-trained and well-spoken, employed and law-abiding may — may — take you to the middle-class dream so many of us pine for. But what it will not do is protect you from the crushing white supremacy that is America's greatest national accomplishment.

I have made it my business not to charge black people with the task of humanizing ourselves in the eyes of whites. It doesn't work. It implies that white approval is something we should aspire to have. It implies that white humanity and worth are somehow superior to ours. It is not our job to end racism, for we did not create it, nor can we be accused of sustaining it.
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january 2017 by yolandaenoch
Why ‘Transcending Race’ Is a Lie
Simpson’s story is that of a black man who came of age during the civil rights era and spent his entire adult life trying to “transcend race” — to claim that strange accolade bestowed on blacks spanning from Pelé to Prince to Nelson Mandela to Muhammad Ali. Which is to say, it’s the story of a halfback trying, and failing, to outrun his own blackness.

Every black person, successful or not, has to overcome a steep handicap; the idea of racial transcendence is anchored in the fallacy that the handicap is blackness itself, rather than a society that terrorizes and undermines blacks at every turn.
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october 2016 by yolandaenoch
Bill Clinton Knew Exactly What He Was Doing With That Tirade Against Black Lives Matter
Bill Clinton may play on his so-called honorary black status when it suits him, but he is equally adept at mobilizing notions of black pathology and deviancy whenever it suits him. And that's quite often. // They also hope to garner votes from disaffected whites who feel left behind in the economic and demographic shifts the country is going through.
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Laverne Cox in 'Rocky Horror' Makes This Writer Very Nervous |
Rocky Horror is special to me, and so is Laverne Cox, but for very different reasons. One reflects the immature, disorganized, uneducated, and sensationalized fantasies of my youth, while the other represents the more grounded, realistic, and mature hopes and dreams of the woman I’ve become and for the trans community I’m proud to consider myself a part of. It’s not Laverne Cox or Rocky Horror in and of themselves individually that make me nervous, but rather the combination of the two. While those within our own community will likely draw the proper distinctions, cisgender and heterosexual people are far less likely to possess the necessary insight or inclination to understand. I shudder to consider what some right-wing groups and politicians might do with video clips of a spectacularly staged production of a fully transitioned celebrity trans woman singing “I’m just a sweet transvestite.”
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Where Does The "Pull Up Your Pants" School Of Black Politics Come From? : Code Switch : NPR
According to Higginbotham, the politics of respectability originally referred to a very nuanced notion of respect, especially in terms of class dynamics. The politics of respectability that she wrote about stemmed from a movement of low-income women fighting for their civil rights at the turn of the twentieth century. It was not, she says, the "snobbish...middle class" idea of respectability that comes to mind today. Here's how Higginbotham defines the term: Your definition of yourself, the worth of who you are isn't determined in...contexts of racial discrimination. If you believe that you are worthy of respect and if you live a life that is worthy of respect, then nothing anybody else can say about you can define you. This is really important because now what is a life worthy of respect? The politics of respectability, and this is the key thing about it, gives you a moral authority to say to the outside world, "I am worthy of respect. You don't respect me, but I'm worthy of respect.
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Respectability v. Ratchetness: The Struggle Is Real
The politics of respectability refers to attempts by marginalized groups to police their own members in hopes of showing that their social values are compatible with mainstream values instead of challenging the mainstream to accept difference*.
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