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Awesome on SO many levels....

I'm curious, though: Was //waiting// for that???...

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2 days ago by userX
Truly appreciate the kind words Chief! Big time coming from a bucket getter like yourself!! ✊🏿👊🏿🙏🏿
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22 days ago by JonClodfelter
Reminding us of our ongoing responsibility regard colonial crimes and their effects today.

My utmost to t…
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4 weeks ago by sdp
RT : Super impressed by Aries going sub 7 to set a new world record at the Speed Finals! 🙌

For a close…
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4 weeks ago by rossgrady
RT : fans chanting “ELI APPLE!” as he is being helped off the field
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4 weeks ago by schraeds
Robert Forster
It took a high-profile role in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown to make Robert Forster a household name, but he'd spent the preceding three decades earning the distinction
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5 weeks ago by aram
is treating everyone the way you want to be treated.
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7 weeks ago by pinatasenpai
Une stratégie éclairée et qui ne tombe pas dans la facilité.
Si l'on veut que des services numériques déco…
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8 weeks ago by sfermigier
In an age of superteams, Oakland A's built a winner without tanking
In an age of superteams, Oakland A's built a winner without tanking Always liked the A’s
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9 weeks ago by worldwidecruiseline
Breaking ! Als eerste VRT'er geeft Bart aan dat het verhaal van Anuna & co vermoedelijk een broodje aap is.
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august 2019 by gelerobbie
Esto es lo más
heroico 🏅
tierno 😻 y
congruente 🎏
del año.

Soy súper-fan de Greta
AccionClimatica  Respect  from twitter
august 2019 by monicatapiaa

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