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GitHub - stackimpact/stackimpact-python: StackImpact Python Agent - Production Profiler: CPU, memory allocations, exceptions, metrics, and more
StackImpact is a performance profiler for production applications. It gives developers continuous and historical view of application performance with line-of-code precision, which includes CPU, memory allocation and blocking call hot spots as well as execution bottlenecks, errors and runtime metrics.
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yesterday by cothrun
About this site | The Special Collections Handbook
I created this site as an online extension of The Special Collections Handbook,  published by Facet Publishing in December 2011.  The book was well received by librarians, archivists and students worldwide, and as a result Facet commissioned me to write a Second Edition, published in December 2016.

The Handbook is a practical guide to help librarians and others new to caring for special collections, by which I mean all the exciting stuff in a library that needs extra care but that also appeals to wider audiences.
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yesterday by wynkenhimself
Best Opt-in Solutions for Non-WordPress Websites
I hope some of these 12 tools will help your online business start catching email leads even if you are not using WordPress for your business. Let me know if you decide to get one of these, or tell me in the comments if you know some other great solution.
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yesterday by jasonsamuels
stylelint NPM version Build Status Build status NPM Downloads Bountysource A mighty, modern CSS linter that helps you enforce consistent…
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yesterday by Nooshu
Overtone Music Network: A Common Space & Database For Harmonic Overtones
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yesterday by johnkyle

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