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Njalla — A privacy aware domain registration service
Finally, a privacy aware domain registration service! Njalla protects you from ferocious domain predators and helps you stay anonymous.
yesterday by jquintanilla4
fiji Topics
Tons of history and cultural info on Fiji.
Seriously this one is the gold mine of info on Fiji
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yesterday by to
STI e-Outlook 2016 | Innovation Policy Platform
Every two years, the OECD conducts a major review of key global trends in science, technology and innovation (STI) and STI policies, and based on the latest information and indicators, examines country performances in science and innovation along with the most recent national innovation policy developments.
innovation_policy  resources  datos  science  technology 
2 days ago by guilleten
Learn Version Control with Git
Learn Version Control with Git
A step-by-step course for the complete beginner
git  reference  resources  course  documentation  tutorials 
2 days ago by kOoLiNuS
A curated directory of boilerplates to help you start your projects!
dev  boilerplate  resources 
2 days ago by personalnadir
FlatPhile | FlatPhile
The last few years mark the rise of the so called flat-file CMS - content management systems that store data organized in files and folders rather than in a database like MySQL. Simplicity, speed and enhanced security are just some of the advantages that flat-file CMS have compared to established CMS like WordPress or Drupal that appear as overkills for most projects nowadays.
cms  resources  flatfile 
3 days ago by awhite
Ten Types | Doblin
The innovation framework was built around a seminal Doblin discovery, that there are ten distinct types of innovation that need to be orchestrated with care to make game-changing innovations. We wrote this book to address how you can think about innovating effectively
innovacion  resources  tools  books  SER 
3 days ago by guilleten
Remote stash
A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for remote workers and nomads.
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3 days ago by whysthatso

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