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Type Classes
Type Classes is a collection of courses and reference materials for learning Haskell.
programming  resources  haskell  course  fp 
3 hours ago by dicewitch
osforscience/deep-learning-ocean: All You Need to Know About Deep Learning - A kick-starter
The purpose of this project is to introduce a shortcut to developers and researcher for finding useful resources about Deep Learning.
deeplearning  machinelearning  ai  course  resources 
3 hours ago by dexter
Layers is a curated library of design resources, we seek to make the complex simple and beautiful.
tools  resources 
8 hours ago by ericaheinz
Can I pick your brain about D&I? – Aubrey Blanche – Medium
…but I care more than anything about solving the diversity problem in tech, so here is my first attempt at helping, even if I’m slammed. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that many of my…
diversity  inclusion  resources 
9 hours ago by cglinka
Postmake - Curated tools and resources for your next project
Postmake is a curated list of tools and resources for your next project. Browse tools for design, development, marketing, and more, or submit a new resource.
development  tools  resources  directory  design  ideas 
11 hours ago by justusthane
Find your next great frontend gig | Frontend Jobs
The future is frontend. Find your next great frontend job writing React, Vue, Angular, and more. Work remotely, full-time, or get your first senior gig
$project_2019_dev_jerb  resources  dev  frontend  listings  job_searching 
13 hours ago by skinnymuch
CUL Witchcraft Collection - Digital Witchcraft Collection
Cornell University Library - The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
books  resources  public-domain  witchcraft 
14 hours ago by minttoothpick
RealTime Personalization - Liveclicker
Instantly personalize messages with any data, from any system, all at the moment a subscriber opens your email. At last, it’s possible to execute on the long-held vision of personalization at scale.
email  marketing  resources 
22 hours ago by jasonsamuels
Marketing Automation | Acquire, Grow, and Retain with Sailthru
Manage all your email -- including campaigns, triggered and transactional email -- on a single trusted system. Use our Audience Builder to easily segment then create beautiful emails in a breeze with Email Composer, no HTML/CSS required. Sailthru is one of the largest (and fastest) email senders on the planet. Bring it; we can take it.
email  marketing  resources 
22 hours ago by jasonsamuels

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