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Real content for all your designs - Lists
Real content for all your designs. 真实文案内容做设计稿 高保真度
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2 minutes ago by zifeixu85
IDEO Design Kit
Design thinking, personas, jobs-to-be-done, mental models and frameworks. See also:

- Personas vs roles:
- Personas vs jobs-to-be-done:
- The mom test: [interviews]
- The future is One to One:
- Personas are bullshit: [testing and improving]
- Hubspot buyer persona:

NEVER assume · TALK to humans · Who do you WANT? · What do YOU want them to do? · Are THEY likely to want to do it?
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21 hours ago by badlydrawnrob
Constitutional and Legal Educational News by David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law
David Shestokas is an attorney licensed in IL and FL and author of Constitutional Sound Bites.
law  learning  resource 
2 days ago by marshallim
The Design Tool Dilemma – freeCodeCamp
“There is no duplication of work. No wasted effort. There are no fake simulations or inaccurate renderings. There is no lack of context. There is just code, in many forms.”
Today’s quote was from this article on the Design Tool Dilemma, highlighting the two type of tools & workflows being used in the Product Design Industry today.
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2 days ago by rasagy
Films For Action: A Learning Library for Changing the World
Our website has cataloged over 3000 of the best films and videos that can be watched free online, sorted into 40 subjects related to changing the world.
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2 days ago by marshallim
Smashing Magazine — For Web Designers And Developers — Smashing Magazine
Topics include: Accessibility, Android, Animation, Apps, CSS, Design, Design Patterns, Design Systems, E-Commerce, Freebies, Graphics, HTML, Illustrator, Inspiration, iOS, JavaScript, Mobile, Pattern, Libraries, Performance, Photoshop, Plugins, React, Responsive Web Design, Service Workers, Sketch, Typography, UI, Usability, User Experience, Wallpapers, Web Design, WordPress, Workflow
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2 days ago by marshallim
All commands is the place to record those command-line gems that you return to again and again.
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2 days ago by marshallim
Freebook Sifter
Hunting down new free ebooks for you, every single day.
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2 days ago by marshallim
REST vs GraphQL APIs, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly | Moesif’s Musings on Software
HTTP requests via host or URL is much lower than inspecting a GraphQL query and performing multiple
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3 days ago by vlandham

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