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Adele – Design Systems and Pattern Libraries Repository
Dozens of design systems and pattern libraries thoroughly analyzed. Learn, enjoy, contribute!
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Mac Specs, Prices, Answers and Comparison:, Est. 1996
Hello. Established in 1996, is the complete guide to every Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac clone in the world, with technical specs, configuration details, system identifiers, performance benchmarks, and global pricing info. provides comprehensive Mac specs, in-depth answers to hundreds of Mac questions, detailed Mac identification info, and popular dates in Mac history. It also has tools to compare Macs side-by-side, lookup Macs by serial number and other identifiers, a Mac specs app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, and much more.

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Design Systems Repo | A Collection of Design System Resources
An organized and frequently updated collection of Design System examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.
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