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OpenMarketCap - Trusted Token Tracker
OpenMarketCap is a trusted tracker for your cryptocurrency tokens.
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yesterday by alexmc
Learn X in Y minutes
Take a whirlwind tour of your next favorite language. Community-driven!
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2 days ago by koschder
After More Than A Decade, I’m Done With Evernote – whatevernevermind
Most of what I had in Evernote were PDFs. I already pay for G Suite so I settled on using Google Drive to store PDFs. G Suite is Google’s paid service (I pay $5/month) and differs form their free services you probably use. The great thing about G Suite, aside from being able to use my own domain, is the lack of advertising and data collection by Google. They have no plans to change this in the future, which is great. According to them, they do not collect, scan or use data in G Suite Core Services for advertising purposes. While I don’t feel awesome about Google from a privacy standpoint, but I’m willing to give a little to get the convenience and interoperability with devices and other services I use. Once I moved all of my documents to Google Drive, I created a single folder on my iCloud Drive and dropped them all in there for redundancy. I also plan to back them up on a physical drive.
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3 days ago by W6AZ
Building a Startup is Hard, Let's Make it Easier
Purpose-built is a new resource center to bring expert advice to founders, no matter their level of technical expertise.
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3 days ago by ebouchut

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