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Create a bootable USB drive partition manager to manage partitions.
This tutorial shows to create bootable usb drive partition software with EaseUS Partiiton Master. Flash drive partition tool makes it easy to manage partitions.
usb  bootable  partition  manager  disk  resize 
5 days ago by vonc
Detection Algorithms — Thumbor 6.3.3rc documentation
Thumbor is a smart imaging service. It enables on-demand crop, resizing and flipping of images. Of particular interest is its use of OpenCV to detect features in images and use them to guide cropping.
thumbor  image  crop  resize  OpenCV 
14 days ago by searchmeister
How To Cut and Resize A Hollow Bi Fold closet Door for install at a basement - YouTube
How To Cut and Resize A Hollow Bi Fold closet Door for install at a basement
How  To  Cut  and  Resize  A  Hollow  Bi  Fold  closet  Door  for  install  at  basement 
9 weeks ago by kilroy2
How to optimize resizing or scrolling | Ivan Akulov’s blog
Always throttle or debounce scroll or resize events. requestAnimationFrame doesn't seem to help here and is mostly only useful for JS animation scheduling.
resize  scroll  throttle  javascript  performance  thrashing  jank-free 
10 weeks ago by ijy
3 Common Cases when Partition Table Can Be Easily Damaged
Partition table is vitally significant in that it describes the information of partitions and file systems in a hard drive. If it gets damaged, the entire drive data will be in danger of permanent loss. Now, this article will expose 3 top cases when partition table can be corrupted easily.
Clone  Disk  Damaged  Partition  Table  Operating  System  PST  corruption  Repartition  Drive  Resize  Restore  Copy 
10 weeks ago by DataNumen

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