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RT : Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 1942.

says Christian employers should be allowed to make women wea…
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5 days ago by tmdblya
The scientific criteria for measuring .
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7 days ago by notjeb
"The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in." -James Baldwin
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9 days ago by rtanglao
RT : This isn't a movie.

This is what we fight.

This is the rising tide of hatred we .

This is…
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15 days ago by sjenkins

This is a thread about the epidemic of post- plucky white woman racism we are currently experienci…
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5 weeks ago by exlibris
Happy first animal thread in 2019. It’s been a while.

Peace out, .
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10 weeks ago by noahsussman
Quote about deplatforming
What these critiques misunderstand is why milkshaking is so potent against Farage and his brethren: It humiliates them. Nothing animates the far right or shapes its worldview quite so much as the desire to humiliate others—and the fear of being humiliated themselves. It’s why alt-right trolls, projecting their own sexual insecurities, enjoy calling their opponents “cucks.” It’s why they rally around blustery authoritarian figures like Donald Trump who cast themselves as beyond embarrassment, shame, or ridicule. They brandish humiliation like a weapon while craving release from it.
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11 weeks ago by pindarninja
"If it's not a human being, then why are they harvesting organs from it?"
~Dr. Ben Carson
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may 2019 by tolkien
Tragic comedy. "Abortion Laws: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" "
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may 2019 by noahsussman
So this is something community may need to start keeping an eye on.
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may 2019 by notjeb

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