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HC Attorney Ryan sues Kuraray for 2018 explosion, alleges Clean Air Act violations
HOUSTON - Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has filed a lawsuit against Kuraray America for violations of the Texas Clean Air Act. The violations allegedly occurred as a result of an explosion and flash fire that occurred at the company’s Pasadena manufacturing plant in May 2018.

Through the lawsuit, the county attorney seeks a court order for Kuraray to engage a third party auditor to review its practices and equipment at the Pasadena plant to ensure there are no future violations. Ryan believes that unless Kuraray is ordered to improve manufacturing operations and procedures at its Pasadena facility, poor safety, operations and management practices at the site may cause future releases that will endanger the public and employees.

Kuraray America is an American subsidiary of a Japanese chemical manufacturing company. It specializes in chemical, fiber and resin production and began operations in Houston in 1986.

On May 19, 2018, a reactor at the plant at 11500 Bay Area Boulevard was pressured to the point that a safety valve lifted, which caused ethylene vapor in the reactor to be released into the atmosphere. The ethylene vapor encountered a contractor’s welding equipment, which acted as an ignition source and ignited, causing an explosion and flash fire. 

21 workers were injured and transported to area hospitals, three by medical helicopter. The fire is currently under investigation by the Chemical Safety Board and OSHA.
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10 weeks ago by dchas
A Wreck to Remember: How to Hack a Game Boy Advance SP

Many years ago, Mindtribe took apart a Game Boy Advance SP for a Teardown Thursday. And today, instead of just tearing one apart, we’ll rebuild and and repurpose one, giving a once forgotten legacy handheld a bright future. Along the way, we’ll learn about the pedigree of the Game Boy Advance, some crude chemistry behind painting and finishing with rattle cans, replicating parts, resin casting, silicone casting, and more. Let’s get started!
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november 2018 by tonious

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