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Little preview of a macOS screen saver that I am hacking on
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march 2018 by rtanglao
The ultimate MacOS resource extractor.
'''Simply drop your classic application or resource file onto rezycle and it will extract all of the resources for you and place them into a folder next to the original file.  But wait, thats not all!  It will not only extract the old stuff for you, but it will also convert it into fabulous modern formats!  Have some old 'snd ' resources?  BANG!  Now you have some spiffy new AIFF files!  Old icons and cursors?  BANG!  Transformed into lovely png files!  As a special bonus, anything rezycle can't convert will be exported as binary files for you to attack with your favorite hex editor!'''
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january 2014 by wolfrentzsch
Looks like a worthy (not to mention free) successor to ResEdit. It's PowerPlant, but at least it emulates ResEdit's UI.
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december 2006 by boredzo
the only person to my blog :(
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june 2006 by s2art

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