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Tool to consider: Manage your research photos with @chnm's Tropy
Tropy, a new tool from the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (the same people who offer Omeka and Zotero), allows you to organize all the photos you took during your trip to the archive. You can attach metadata, gather them in files and make notes. Much better than trying to organize them in your Photos library!
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october 2017 by miriamposner
Democratizing Credit: An Interview with Historian Josh Lauer | Platypus
AWO: I’m curious about your research process. How did you go about assembling this archive?

JL: Well, as I started figuring out what the keywords were, I could start to do more targeted searches in special collections—in WorldCat, for example—and I was able to locate some early credit rating books for consumers, not for business people, but for consumers. And then once I found some of those sources, I could actually go to the Library of Congress and start to find examples to look at. The trade press was super important. There were a couple of key publications that gave me the history. It wasn’t all correct but, it at least gave me a look inside the world of these institutions as they were developing in the early part of the 20th century.

These sources were there, but if I hadn’t known the keywords to looks for, then it would have been hard to actually start piecing together the story. And it’s a complicated story. It’s not just one institution. It’s a bunch of different trade associations. They changed over time. They merged. They formed new branches. Part of the challenge of writing the book was pulling all of these different elements together and trying to put them into some sort of coherent narrative.
september 2017 by jfbeatty

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