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Research Debt
There’s a tradeoff between the energy put into explaining an idea, and the energy needed to understand it. On one extreme, the explainer can painstakingly craft a beautiful explanation, leading their audience to understanding without even realizing it could have been difficult. On the other extreme, the explainer can do the absolute minimum and abandon their audience to struggle. This energy is called interpretive labor [2, 3].
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Five Second Test
Optimize the clarity of your designs by measuring people’s first impressions
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Marketplace Pulse
We monitor millions of sellers and brands in major marketplaces globally to bring you trusted insights, seller information, business intelligence, and unique e-commerce data.
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Umbilical cord blood could hold clue to preventing type 1 diabetes
In the study, the researchers noted significant findings related to regulatory T cells, also known as Treg cells, which control the immune system and prevent autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes from developing.

The study team initially took 500,000 Tregs from umbilical cord blood and successfully managed to yield 1.26 billion cells, although they are yet to find out how many would be needed to help humans.

When they used Tregs specifically from the umbilical cord, it was shown to be more efficient and safer than using Tregs taken from blood already in the rest of the body. This is because the cells taken from the cord existed before type 1 diabetes developed.

They later found that freezing and multiplying Treg cells provided an important link to type 1 diabetes.
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