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Event Report - NetSuite #SuiteWorld17 - The Suite gets complete and an Oracle boost - by @holgermu
On the concern side, acquisitions are never easy. It is one thing to plead support and investment into NetSuite – another thing to execute it. There is a reason there is a chasm between large enterprise and SMB offerings – not only in product, but also go to market. Customer need to listen attentively how this will develop for them in the next quarters, as Oracle has to become a little more ‘un-Oracle’ to succeed in SMB."
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"my process is like slow jazz" - you know what! This talk was like slow jazz! 💙💙💙
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Retraction Watch
Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process at Retraction Watch
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Reproducible research in the Python ecosystem: a reality check
A few years ago, I decided to adopt the practices of reproducible research as far as possible within the technical and social constraints I have to live with. So how reproducible is my published code over time?

The example I have chosen for this reproducibility study is a 2013 paper about computing diffusion coefficients from molecular simulations. All code and data has been published as an ActivePaper on figshare. To save space, intermediate results had been removed from the published archive. This makes my reproducibility check very straightforward: a simple aptool update will recompute everything starting from these intermediate results up to the plots that went into the paper.

One nice aspect of ActivePapers is that it stores the version numbers of all dependencies, so I can quickly verify that in 2013, I had used Python 2.7.3, NumPy 1.6.2, h5py 2.1.3, and matplotlib 1.2.x (yes, the x is part of the reported version number).
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yesterday by sechilds
Modeling with Data
Azer Koçulu has a Javascript package named Left Pad which provides a function to pad a string or number with white space or zeros. That's the whole package: one function, to do something useful that I wouldn't want to get side-tracked into rewriting and testing, but which is not far from a Javascript 101 exercise.

It was a heavily-used micro-package, and not just by fans of left padding, as a data analysis package might use a table-making package, which would depend on Left Pad. When Mr Koçulu unpublished all his Node Package Manager submissions, this broke everything.

In practice, R packages tend to have several such microdependencies, while the authors of C packages tend to cut something like a left pad function from the library code base and paste it in to the code base of the project at hand. Authors of the GSL made an effort to write its functions so they could be cut and pasted. SQLite has a version in a single file, whose purpose is to allow authors to copy the file into their code base rather than call an external SQLite library.

I think it is the presence or lack of a standard package manager that led to this difference in culture and behavior. If you have the power to assume users can download any function, so seamlessly it may even happen without their knowledge, why wouldn't you use it all the time?

The logical conclusion of having a single, unified package manager is a tower of left-pad-like dependencies, where A depends on B and C, which depends on D and E, which depends on B as well.

The tower is a more fragile structure than just having four independent package dependencies. What happens when the author of B changes the interface a little, because contracts can change? The author of package A may be able to update to B version 2, but E depends on B version 1. Can you find the author of E, and convince him or her to update to B version 2, and to get it re-posted on CRAN so you can use it in a timely manner?
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yesterday by sechilds

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