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5 Ways to Interpret a SUS Score (MeasuringU)
Jeff Sauro предлагает несколько подходов к интерпретации метрики SUS, которые перекладывают голые цифры на понятные категории (в том числе с привязкой к NPS).
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14 minutes ago by jvetrau
Measuring your Research Operations Maturity (Amplify Design)
Dave Malouf размышляет на тему оценки зрелости пользовательских и исследований в компании.
UX  research  strategy  maturity  models  designops  issue 
23 minutes ago by jvetrau
Study in #Rwanda finds that giving cash directly to the recipients of foreign aid had much more effective outcomes than aid distributed through large development #NGOs.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 20, 2018
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1 hour ago by dougleigh
Poetry Center Holds Reading for Lecturer Heather June Gibbons' Book 'Her Mouth As Souvenir'
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Gibbons’ poems have been published in the literary journals; Boston Review and New American Writing.

“She is inspirational and uses metaphors well,” Kelsy Buch said, senior majoring in creative writing and former teacher aide of Gibbons. “Very personal and hands on.”

“I found myself rereading lines, then whole poems to digest the clever turns of phrase that took something a little punk and made it puncture. Gibbons is smart and unapologetically unromantic, even in her most aching lines on love,” Lara, a reviewer from posted.
cw  faculty  research  campus 
4 hours ago by sfstatelca
Obesity in mice found to diminish brain structures important for learning and memory.

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 20, 2018
research  parsingscience 
4 hours ago by dougleigh
Conjoint analysis - Wikipedia
Hand for determining which of your features is the best selling point
7 hours ago by danny.hope
Speaking while exercising? Not if you want to get fitter - The Globe and Mail
The Queen’s researchers have a surprisingly simple suggestion, which they tested in a separate experiment: “We also found that prescribing exercise at an intensity where participants could not speak comfortably resulted in consistently high blood lactate responses,” Bonafiglia said.

This approach, known as the Talk Test, involved asking participants to count to 30 at “a regular conversational pace and volume” while cycling. If they could do it comfortably, they were asked to speed up slightly until it began to get difficult.

And that’s pretty much it.

In an age of pervasive fitness technology and self-monitoring, there’s some irony in the triumph of mere conversation as a more sensitive barometer of exercise intensity than the expensive gold-standard laboratory approach. But it’s also a reminder of an unvarnished truth that athletes have always known: To get fitter, you have to work hard, no matter what your wearable tech tells you.
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11 hours ago by Aetles
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong - The Huffington Post
For decades, the medical community has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining millions of lives.
obesity  health  shaming  medical  weight  research  education 
12 hours ago by mirthe
New episode out now! @mvitevit from University of Kansas talks with us about his research into the #cognitive mechanisms underlying the Speech-to-Song #Illusion, in which a looped phrase sounds like #song. @KUnews

Full paper @

— Parsing Science (@ParsingScience) September 20, 2018
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12 hours ago by dougleigh

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