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Carlos Scheidegger
I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona. I work in large-scale data visualization and exploratory data analysis. Before coming to sunny, beautiful Tucson, I worked at AT&T Research in New York.
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George Cushen
My research centers around practical, high efficiency machine learning and its applications in computer vision. In particular, I am interested in mobile based visual search, wearable augmented reality, and biometric person identification applications.

On the side I am passionate about general data science problems and API design. I maintain several open source projects for fun.
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How the Index Card Cataloged the World

Carl Linnaeus, the father of biological taxonomy, also had a hand in inventing this tool for categorizing anything. An Object Lesson.

The index card was a product of the Enlightenment, conceived by one of its towering figures: Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist, physician, and the father of modern taxonomy.

The Swedish scientist is more often credited with another invention: binomial nomenclature, the latinized two-part name assigned to every species.

species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, and kingdom.
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IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things - 05-08 February 2018 - Singapore
The World Forum on The Internet of Things consists of an outstanding Technical Program featuring the latest advances and experiences with IoT for the Academic and Research Community, a set of Vertical and Topical Area tracks of interest to Industry and to the Public Sector, and is relevant locally to Singapore and the larger Asia Pacific region. We expect attendance and participation from leading Research Institutions, Government Organizations responsible for IoT from around the World, and practitioners from major International Enterprises that provide products, goods, and services based on IoT.
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Implicit bias trainings are used to fight racism, but IAT science is flawed — Quartz
It’s personally convenient to recast subtle forms of prejudice as unconscious bias. That doesn’t make it true.
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