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Statistics for Hackers
A simple talk about using Python for simple statistics.
statistics  python  resampling  bootstrap 
may 2019 by icosahedron
Dissolving the Fermi Paradox
Resampling estimates from different papers and looking at the distribution gives a different picture compared to point estimates.
statistics  resampling 
july 2017 by aapl
Do Resampling Estimates Have Low Correlation to the Truth? The Answer May Shock You. — Applied Predictive Modeling
We really shouldn't care about [lack of correlation between resampling estimate of ROC, and true values], or at least we are measuring the effectiveness in the wrong way. High correlation would be nice but could result in a strong relationship that does not reflect accuracy of the resampling procedure. This is basically the same argument that we make against using R2
prediction  statistics  cross-validation  caret  predictive-modeling  resampling 
april 2017 by tarakc02
[1608.06048] Survey of resampling techniques for improving classification performance in unbalanced datasets
"A number of classification problems need to deal with data imbalance between classes. Often it is desired to have a high recall on the minority class while maintaining a high precision on the majority class. In this paper, we review a number of resampling techniques proposed in literature to handle unbalanced datasets and study their effect on classification performance."
papers  surveys  classification  resampling  unbalanced-data 
december 2016 by arsyed
bmcfee/resampy: Efficient sample rate conversion in python (cython)
"Efficient audio resampling in Python / Cython.

This package implements the band-limited sinc interpolation method for sampling rate conversion as described by:

Smith, Julius O. Digital Audio Resampling Home Page Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, 2015-02-23. Web published at"
python  libs  audio  resampling 
april 2016 by arsyed
Resampling methods: concepts, applications, and justification. Yu, Chong Ho
Full text articles on educational assessment, evaluation and research methodology.
march 2016 by jkeefe
Time Series / Date functionality — pandas 0.17.1 documentation
Alias Description
B business day frequency
C custom business day frequency (experimental)
D calendar day frequency
W weekly frequency
M month end frequency
BM business month end frequency
CBM custom business month end frequency
MS month start frequency
BMS business month start frequency
CBMS custom business month start frequency
Q quarter end frequency
BQ business quarter endfrequency
QS quarter start frequency
BQS business quarter start frequency
A year end frequency
BA business year end frequency
AS year start frequency
BAS business year start frequency
BH business hour frequency
H hourly frequency
T, min minutely frequency
S secondly frequency
L, ms milliseonds
U, us microseconds
N nanoseconds
pandas  resampling 
december 2015 by nuntz

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