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Standalone, framework-agnostic JavaScript library that enables recording, replaying, and stubbing HTTP interactions.
javascript  testing  http  network  proxy  request  netflix 
8 days ago by e2b
Use Emacs Org Mode and REST APIs for an up-to-date Stock Portfolio
A couple of weeks ago, I started to work with Emacs, and I grow fonder of it every day. During a very short time period, it has become my go-to editor for nearly everything I do on my computer, including (but not limited to)
planning my Todos (in org-mode, to be precise), setting up my agenda (org-mode again), taking memos during meetings writing my (longer) e-mails play around with new stuff write blog posts (this is the first of these.
emacs  finance  trading  request  api 
15 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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