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Jira cloud - how can I find average time spent in ...
“For your exact needs, eazyBI offers a standard measure "Average days in transition status", and you can create a simple report of average days in status by drag and drop in the report dashboard (use the Transition status dimension and Assignee, for instance).”
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8 days ago by danhon
My Ideal Agile Delivery Report – Peter Lee – Medium
One of the biggest challenges, but also one of the most beneficial things a team can do, is shift from traditional style status reporting to a more agile approach which is focused on transparency and…
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22 days ago by alexmc
While the world looks away, civilians in Afrin are being slaughtered, by Patrick Cockburn - The Unz Review
Coming upon pictures of children buried under broken concrete, one has to search for additional information to know if the deaths are of Kurds killed by the Turkish bombardment in northern Syria, or people in Eastern Ghouta slaughtered by the Syrian government at the same time in much the same way. The greatest difference between the two situations is that the atrocities in Damascus are publicised by the media across the world, while in the Kurdish case they are regarded as scarcely worth a mention.
There are regular Turkish troops and special forces, but also as many as 25,000 fighters operating under the umbrella name of the Free Syrian Army. But evidence from the front line and from former FSA and Isis members suggests that many of these are battle-hardened Islamists who had previously fought with or alongside Isis and al-Qaeda. They detest the US-backed Kurds, who hold 25 per cent of Syria, as one of the main reasons for the Islamist defeat in the struggle for Syria. No Kurd who falls into their hands will be safe.
This enclave has traditionally been one of their core majority areas, but on the day after the invasion President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “55 per cent of Afrin is Arab, 35 per cent are the Kurds.” He added that Turkey’s aim was “to give Afrin back to its rightful owners.” It is a threat that carries all the more menace because the Syrian war has already seen widespread sectarian and ethnic cleansing, though the expulsion of a particular ethnic group from Afrin would be larger than earlier examples. 

The Kurds of Afrin could end up like the Greeks in Cyprus who fled or were driven from the northern part of the island by the Turkish invasion of 1974 and are still trying to return to their homes and lands 44 years later.
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23 days ago by elev8

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