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The Status Report – Does the Project Manager really need it? | Program Success
In our working lifetime, most of us have had to contend with filing some sort of status report. Generally speaking, these are performed on a weekly basis (usually a Friday), where you gather your thoughts and itemize exactly what you worked on during that week and if you were encountering any issues. (As a sidebar,…
Project_Management  reporting 
2 days ago by enslrhs82
jdorn/php-reports: A PHP framework for displaying reports from any data source, including SQL and MongoDB
This open source project might be interesting to look at if only to be able to see good code examples in action.
github  project  php  framework  reporting  code  example  bestpractices  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
2 days ago by racl101
The Project Status Report – Contents and Process
Keep track of your projects with a meaningful project status report. Find out about the 8 pillars of the report, its contents and the reporting process.
Project_Management  reporting 
6 days ago by enslrhs82
How to Create Effective Creative Project Status Reports
Weekly project status reports are crucial for giving stakeholders the information they need. Learn how to create stellar creative project status reports
Project_Management  reporting 
6 days ago by enslrhs82
BBC Blogs - Academy - How to improve your mojo skills by sacrificing a latte
"A journalist using only the pre-installed apps on their smartphone is like someone driving a Ferrari in first gear. At the risk of stretching the metaphor to breaking point, you can get your phone purring along in fifth with the addition of just a few well-chosen apps. But you’ll have to buy them – yes, by spending actual money.

Before I highlight some of my personal favourites and explain how they could improve your mojo (mobile journalism) output, here’s a quick question: how often do you buy a coffee during the day? Perhaps once on the way to work to get yourself going and again later to counter that mid-afternoon slump? Anecdotally from my face-to-face training for the BBC Academy, many people don't think twice about spending £3 for a triple decaf caramel dry latte (extra nutmeg) once or twice a day.

Yet ask those same people when they last spent a comparable sum on an app to soup up their smartphones and I find that it’s rarely within the last month. More often it is "never".

But if the money on just one coffee a week went instead towards an app, within a few months that smartphone would have acquired new powers (and you might even have lost a few pounds from your waistline).

The apps I’m writing about here are established favourites within the growing global mojo community - that is, producers and reporters who cover news stories and create related content using just their smartphones plus a few gadgets and gizmos like a tripod, a lens, a microphone and a spare battery.

You can also find an entire level of high end apps which stray more into cinematography than video for news and journalism, but I won't be dealing with those here."
smartphones  phones  mobile  journalism  reporting  applications  ios  iphone  video  audio  howto  tutorials  cinematography  editing  onlinetoolkit 
11 days ago by robertogreco
Project Status Report Template - Free Project Management Templates
Download Free Project Status Report Template for daily,weekly,monthly update samples.Formats include excel, word, powerpoint,ppt,Agile for Project Management.
Project_Management  reporting  template 
12 days ago by enslrhs82
Global Software Inc
Spreadsheet Server | Excel-Based Reporting |
spreadsheet  erp  reporting 
15 days ago by IssamElbaytam
Free software and open source tools for investigative journalism and research
Investigative journalism tools

Free software and open-source tools for journalists, journalistic research, discovery, investigative reporting, privacy, data visualization, data driven journalism and datajournalism
datamining  journalism  research  linkcollection  reporting  investigation  tools 
16 days ago by gwippich
BI Dashboards | Business Intelligence Dashboard Software | Grow
Reporting and BI dashboard software that accelerates your growth.
bi  reporting  software  ml  USA 
17 days ago by shalmaneser

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