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papaja: Reproducible APA manuscripts with R Markdown
Package for creating nice-looking APA manuscripts using RMarkdown
publishing  writing  reporting  analysis  rmarkdown 
3 days ago by mjlassila
Automated reporting with With Google Sheets/Slides/Data Studio
Stop cutting & pasting your graphs in powerpoint. Learn how to automate reporting with free tools: Google Slides & Google Sheets; or with Datastudio
datastudio  reporting 
8 days ago by daledavies_me
The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...
How to travel by train or ferry from the UK into Europe & worldwide... Train times, fares, how to buy tickets, advice & information.
travel  train  reporting  world 
9 days ago by yayitsrob
Denzi WordPress Monitoring
Uptime / Vulnerabilities and Sales Reporting Made Easy. First monitoring tool specific for WordPress and WooCommerce.
wordpress  testing  monitoring  uptime  reporting 
12 days ago by jppferguson
Extracting actionable insights from IoT data | Microsoft Docs
If you are responsible for the machines on a factory floor, you are already aware that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step in improving your processes and results. Having sensors on machines, or the factory floor, is the first step. The next step is to use the data—which is the object of this document. This guide provides a technical overview of the components needed to extract actionable insights from IoT data analytics.
iot  reporting  powerbi  howto  azure  bi 
18 days ago by torben

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