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Stalking the Billion-footed Beast
"Reporting is the most valuable and least understood resource available to any writer with exalted ambitions"


"I doubt there is a writer over 40 who doesn't realize that literary genius is more on the order of 65 percent material and 35 percent talent"

me paraphrasing...

Wolfe first wanted to write a realistic/new journalism-style novel about NYC in 1968 and kept putting it off for other things and kept nervously waiting for someone to beat him to it. He finally started to write it in 1981 and Bonfire of the Vanities was published in 1987.
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5 days ago by actualitems
Introducing Netflix Stethoscope – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
I like the User Focused Security approach. Much more humane.

Stethoscope is a reporting tool that tells users what gaps they have in their device configuration.
security  netflix  policy  reporting  configuration  osx  macos 
6 days ago by jefframnani
Crontab sentry error reporter Raven-cron is a small command-line wrapper that reports errors to Sentry if the script exits with an exit status other than zero.

Crontab sentry error reporter Raven-cron is a small command-line wrapper that reports errors to Sentry if the script exits with an exit status other than zero.

sentry  errors  monitoring  cron  tools  logging  reporting  cli  shell   
14 days ago by michaelfox
Easily Report Phishing and Malware - Decent Security
This is how you can strike back at criminals sending phishing spam - by getting their webpages on blacklists. Blocking their sites helps protect other people and helps researchers trying to stop this. Sites can be blocked within 15 minutes of your report, but you may not immediately see it.
email  reference  security  phishing  reporting  internet 
15 days ago by rtopitt
Generate PDF / DOCX Reports in PHP
php  report  reporting 
21 days ago by robertoferrari

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