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Strong need to change incentives to promote and better .
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Artificial intelligence faces reproducibility crisis | Science
The booming field of artificial intelligence (AI) is grappling with a replication crisis, much like the ones that have afflicted psychology, medicine, and other fields over the past decade. Just because algorithms are based on code doesn't mean experiments are easily replicated. Far from it. Unpublished codes and a sensitivity to training conditions have made it difficult for AI researchers to reproduce many key results. That is leading to a new conscientiousness about research methods and publication protocols. Last week, at a meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence in New Orleans, Louisiana, reproducibility was on the agenda, with some teams diagnosing the problem—and one laying out tools to mitigate it."

"Odd Erik Gundersen, a computer scientist at the Norwegian University
of Science and Technology in Trondheim, reported the results of a survey of 400 algorithms presented in papers at two top AI conferences in the past few years. He found that only 6% of the presenters shared the algorithm’s code. Only a third shared the data they tested their algorithms on, and just half shared “pseudocode”—a limited summary of an algorithm."
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Object Storage on CRAQ
chain replication as a distributed log
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How to Use Generally Available Transactional Replication for Azure SQL Databases
In this article, we will some advanced features offered by Azure SQL Database, how they can be used effectively to migrate between different databases.
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26 days ago by DataNumen

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