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What to Do If Secondary SQL Server Database in Your Replication Miss Data
Replication is a widely-used SQL Server concept for maintaining copies of a database at different locations. The major advantage with replication is the Object level control. Though it is easy to set up, an unhealthy replication status might take time to fix. In this article, we will learn how to fix secondary databases that are out of sync.
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10 days ago by DataNumen
No, science’s reproducibility problem is not limited to psychology - The Washington Post
But now then: Are psychology experiments more likely than, say, chemistry experiments or physics experiments to have issues with reproducibility? Ioannidis told me yes, probably so.

“I think on average physics and chemistry would do better. I don’t know how much better," he said.

Maybe someone should try to constrain the differences between the physical sciences and the social sciences. Perhaps physics and chemistry will do their own version of the reproducibility study?
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10 days ago by nhaliday
Of mice and men: why animal trial results don’t always translate to humans
It showed that of the most-cited animal studies in prestigious scientific journals, such as Nature and Cell, only 37% were replicated in subsequent human randomised trials and 18% were contradicted in human trials. It is safe to assume that less-cited animal studies in lesser journals would have an even lower strike rate.
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