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Exploiting Commutativity For
Practical Fast Replication
Seo Jin Park and John Ousterhout, Stanford University
CURP  commutative  replication  fast  speed  analysis  improvement  paper 
5 days ago by slmingol
bucardo/bucardo: Bucardo multimaster and master/slave Postgres replication
Bucardo multimaster and master/slave Postgres replication - bucardo/bucardo
github  perl  postgres  replication  backup 
14 days ago by snahor
replication: Introduce anonymous replicas · tarantool/tarantool@5cb9748 · GitHub
Get your data in RAM. Get compute close to data. Enjoy the performance. - tarantool/tarantool
tarantool1.6  tarantool  replication  anonymous 
19 days ago by init
leo-yuriev/ReOpenLDAP: aka «Telco slapd» - the reincarnation of the well-known OpenLDAP
List of changes emerged from OpenLDAP project could be seen in the CHANGES.OpenLDAP.

Added features:
multi-master replication is working properly and robustly (it seems no other LDAP server can do this)
reopenldap [iddqd] [idkfa]
quorum { [vote-sids ...] [vote-rids ...] [auto-sids] [auto-rids] [require-sids ...] [require-rids ...] [all-links] }
quorum limit-concurrent-refresh
biglock { none | local | common }
storage (mdb backend): dreamcatcher & oom-handler (ITS#7974), lifo & coalesce (ITS#7958)
syncprov-showstatus { none | running | all }
syncrepl's requirecheckpresent option
keepalive <idle>:<probes>:<interval> for incoming connections
built-in memory checker called 'Hipagut', including ls-malloc
support for OpenSSL 1.1.x, Mozilla NSS, GnuTLS and LibreSSL 2.5.x
ready for LTO (Link-Time Optimization) by GCC and clang.
ldap  openldap  multimaster  replication 
19 days ago by some_hren

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