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Should You Repair or Replace Your Wood Fence?
Read about these four fence problems to figure out if you need to repair or replace your wood fence.
wood-fence  repair  replace  repair-or-replace  new-fence  fence-repair  fence-maintenance 
5 days ago by Adventure_Web
text - In InDesign is it possible to find and change uppercase to lowercase? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange

Is there a way to find and change uppercase letters of a certain character style and change them to lowercase within InDesign?
indesign  search  find  replace  upeprcase  case  conversion 
15 days ago by kaibernau
Using TextExpander Date and Time Math - Smile
Let's say it's your job to remind people to do something. Maybe you are the accounts receivable person, and you regularly need to remind people to pay you in 15 days. If you use TextExpander, your days of looking at the calendar and calculating that date are over! You can create a snippet that automatically ...
textexpander  date  compute  add  substract  change  day  week  month  year  replace  insert  time  handle  increment  decrement  next  previous 
6 weeks ago by ebouchut

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