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Renegade Inc. -- Keen to debunk the world
"...Let's all get rich selling second-hand houses to each other. It has to fall over. You're not building a productive system which gives you a flow of resources, a flow of output over time, you're simply making existing assets more expensive and calling that production. So that *is* a ponzi scheme, and the banks are guilty of it, but at the same they're saying 'You shouldn't criticize us, you should criticize the people who bought the ponzi scheme off us.'" -- You can't con an honest John. -- -- "What causes higher house prices is higher leverage." -- "We're giving far more of our income to what is a basic consumption item that actually degrades over time; housing should not be increasing in price, and when you look at the long-term data, it doesn't."
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6 days ago by adamcrowe
Opinion | The dream of a new India trapped in old realities - Livemint
The hunt for a house uncovers all manners of prejudice that lurk just beneath the surface all around us
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10 days ago by mickeykedia
"Para el alquiler pedimos nómina y nacionalidad española, pero gitanos no"
Renting shit in spain too

Its amazing that landlords can still restrict tenants by gender, race and nationality. (Gender isn't mentioned in the article but ... i've seen ads that say "solo chicas, es un regla de la casera"
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13 days ago by ssam
Strong Towns -- But Rich People Live Here, So We Can't Be Going Broke!
'...Your local tax base is most likely dominated by property taxes, and although real estate can't up and move, it can lose value. Sometimes a lot. Property values are a prediction, an expectation about the future of a place. See how they fare when the school system declines, the roads start to crumble, and people of means move out of the community. This fate is, if anything, even more likely for suburban communities whose primary selling point is precisely their shiny newness. -- This analysis is limited by the fact that the comparison is only to 1970. If you really wanted to see some dramatic reversals of fortune, you'd look at the places that were clusters of concentrated affluence even earlier. Many, maybe most, of them are no longer their respective regions' prestige ZIP codes. How many poor neighborhoods are dotted with quite literally the luxury housing of, say, the 1880s? -- If your path to long-term solvency relies on being a prestige ZIP code forever, I might suggest you develop a plan B.'
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17 days ago by adamcrowe

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