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London Renters Union
Together we are powerful: we can support each other, stand up to landlords and win lower rents, longer tenancies and better housing for everyone. To do that, we need you. The London Renters Union is already successfully organising with renters in Newham and Lewisham. Now we need your help to become a city-wide union that can tackle the housing crisis.
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13 hours ago by gilles9999

stock (M2) versus median income hours of work to afford median

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5 days ago by rcsmedia
Reminder: Paying rent is not "throwing away money" : personalfinance
While it is true that when you buy a home a portion of your monthly mortgage payment will be going to principal, and therefore you are paying yourself in some ways, however, the cost of home ownership is significant. Some of the lesser known costs include the lack of flexibility, stress, the risk of home price declines, home maintenance, real estate taxes, and HOA fees.
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10 days ago by cmananian
Rent the Runway is taking clothes-sharing mainstream - Something rented, something new
Some women pick up outfits on the way to work, others have stopped buying clothes entirely
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10 days ago by soobrosa
The Establishment, Alila Bangsar, 33a-03 Jalan Ang Seng Brickfields, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, 1 Bedroom, 605 Sqft, Apartments / Condos / Service Residences for Rent, by Stefanie Yii, RM 1,700 /Mo, 28077632
View details, photos and map of property listing 28077632 - for rent - The Establishment, Alila Bangsar - 33a-03 Jalan Ang Seng brickfields, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, 1 Bedroom, 605 sqft, RM 1,700 /mo
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12 days ago by jordan23jy

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