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Manhattan Buyers’ Market Widens - The New York Times
Manhattan’s luxury apartment sales continued to fall in the third quarter, but now the starter market, which had been more resilient, could be losing momentum as well.

The median sales price fell to $1.1 million, down 4.5 percent, and sales volume fell by more than 11 percent from the same period last year, according to a report from Douglas Elliman. Other real estate agencies reported similar declines in sales volume and price.
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11 days ago by ramitsethi
Rental rights you didn't know you had - Property
CHOICE research has found that families with children are the largest group of people who #rent a home in #Australia Read about the consumer protections you… via Instapaper
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13 days ago by sjspires
807 N Madison Ave Unit 4
See Apartment 4 for rent at 807 N Madison Ave in Los Angeles, CA from $1700} plus find other available Los Angeles apartments. has 3D tours, HD videos, reviews and more researched data than all other rental sites.
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2533 Lancaster Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033
See all available apartments for rent at 2533 Lancaster Ave in Los Angeles, CA. 2533 Lancaster Ave has rental units starting at $1575.
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16 days ago by lukesitalsingh

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