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Books of Hispanic Polyphony: A Catalogue of Books of Spanish and New World Polyphony in Context
The digital library Books of Hispanic Polyphony (BHP) serves as a research database and bibliography of manuscript and printed polyphonic books in Spain and books with hispanic polyphony elsewhere. BHP has no chronological limitations, and links to digitized sources when available.
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eves, shortcut for flowing sleev
Renaissance  sleeves 
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Period Dyes and Colors | The Medieval Tailor
Better living through chemistry was the motto of the day. For instance, I wanted a green wool and after dyeing a hank first in turmeric and then indigo, I was surprised (and  dissappointed) to get brown. I already had brown. Lots of brown. “Toss it into the ammonia bath.” Which I did and instantaneously it turned the most lovely shade of moss green. The batch of wool that I dyed in weld and indigo needed no ammonia bath to turn green. But who would have thought. And now we know why urine was so popular for dyeing fibers. It was the period ammonia and it could work wonders.
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Rosalie's Medieval Woman - Dyes and Colours
The rural medieval woman was often responsible for dyeing her own fabric using natural substances which were collected locally. Her city counterpart often had the luxury of purchasing fabric which was already dyed with superior substances and better mordants providing richer colours which lasted longer.
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