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iCloud: Dein Gerät aus „Mein iPhone suchen“ entfernen
Wenn du ein iOS-Gerät, eine Apple Watch, AirPods oder einen Mac nicht mehr verwendest, kannst du das Gerät aus „Mein iPhone suchen“ entfernen.
icloud  reference  findmyiphone  kbase  support  ios  iphone  remove  apple 
12 days ago by ferdinandfuchs
mightyteegar/SilentUninstall: Powershell script to attempt to silently uninstall programs on a Windows machine.
Powershell script to attempt to silently uninstall programs on a Windows machine. - mightyteegar/SilentUninstall
windows  silent  uninstall  remove  software  script  powershell  cli  commandline  automation  deployment 
14 days ago by sphere2k
RHEL 5 Clients Failing to Authenticate to IDM

==> /var/log/sssd/ldap_child.log <==
(Fri Jan 18 19:25:57 2019) [[sssd[ldap_child[1025]]]] [ldap_child_get_tgt_sync] (0): Failed to init credentials: Invalid certificate
pkinit-nss  nss  pkinit  ipa  idm  tip  trick  remove 
5 weeks ago by slmingol
(56) Paint Stripper - How To Remove Old Paint from Brick and Brickwork - YouTube
Paint Stripper - How To Remove Old Paint from Brick and Brickwork
Paint  Stripper  -  How  To  Remove  Old  from  Brick  and  Brickwork 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2

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