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RemotePi Supported Raspberry Pi 3 Case by rburnsides - Thingiverse
I took funbarts design for a case that supports the remotepi board sold at and made a few modifications. It's not perf
remotepi  raspberry-pi  case  print  3d  remote 
4 hours ago by nharbour
MacinCloud Login
MacinCloud is a remote Mac rental service which can be accessed via computer or mobile device. You access rented Mac servers through the Internet to develop apps and run Mac programs.
hosting  mac  macos  remote 
2 days ago by euler
Remote Teams – rebecca – Medium
I was recently tagged into a conversation on Twitter. The thread started with this summary of findings about open plan offices: I’m partway through my PhD on remote teams so I know that research…
remote  research  management  team 
2 days ago by vipom

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