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Remote product management: challenges and opportunities | Wildbit
I confess that I was skeptical at first. But as we started to work together and make progress at Postmark, my skepticism fell away. I do believe it’s harder to make product management work remotely than some other roles like customer success or development. But it is definitely possible, and I really believe that companies need to start being more open to hiring remote product managers.
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yesterday by junya
Trojan Room coffee pot - Wikipedia
"The Trojan Room coffee pot was a coffee machine located next to the so-called Trojan Room in the old Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, England, which in 1991 provided the inspiration for the world's first webcam.
To save people working in the building the disappointment of finding the coffee machine empty after making the trip to the room, a camera was set up providing a live picture of the coffee pot to all desktop computers on the office network. After the camera was connected to the Internet a few years later, the coffee pot gained international notoriety as a feature of the fledgling World Wide Web, until it was retired in 2001."
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2 days ago by gohai
Remote Work & Digital Nomads Study 2018 - The Anywhere Workers
Remote work is becoming popular. This study shares the insights about the trend of digital nomads and remote working with data from thousands of people who live this trend today.
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4 days ago by bobwassermann

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