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Prodigals (The Hard Prayer remixed) - mific - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Ever wonder what happened to the Atlantis Expedition before they found John and Rodney? A remix of The Hard Prayer by Rheanna.
remix  au  apocalypse!fic  f:sga  stargate!au  p:rodney/john 
17 days ago by miss_speller
Who Invented Memes? – Member Feature Stories – Medium
The impossibility of originality in the digital age
meme  history  remix 
23 days ago by cogdog
(1/4) Denke für Masterarbeit gerade über als Teil von nach. Remix als Ziel begleitet eben…
DigitalLiteracies  Remix  from twitter
4 weeks ago by eoto
Cosmonaut - Hysteria (Gör FLsh Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] par GÖR FLSH | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud
Stream Cosmonaut - Hysteria (Gör FLsh Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by GÖR FLSH from desktop or your mobile device
music  remix 
6 weeks ago by plaxx
Say Yes Say Yes Cause I Need To Know by Hojo | Mixcloud
a mix of nothing but remixes of 'rude' by magic.
rude  magic  megamix  remix  hojo  allen 
6 weeks ago by pjjw
This Chillwave Remix of the Seinfeld Theme Is Real, And It's Spectacular - Noisey
☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What's the deal with airline food?
music  chillwave  vaporwave  seinfeld  remix  retro 
7 weeks ago by chritter
Led Zeppelin II - 1988 Technidisc CD with Different Mastering | Steve Hoffman Music Forums
Ok here's the whole story
From a FLAC dump of the original 1" Scully multitrack. And this is not a rap or dance remix - I tried to stay true to the intent Page and Kramer had back then.
My remix has no fade at the end. Interesting how they ended it, with a spoken farewell from Plant at the very end.
First a comparison:
And one with VU meters driven by my remix:
Listen to these on some good speakers.
This took well over 100 hours to do. I do a lot of mixing; this was tough to get to match the original; especially the middle fluff part.
I just wanted it cleaner and a bit more modern sounding.
I initially sent it to the webmaster at the official site - he said he couldn't here the difference. Cool... what I wanted. But to anyone that ever played WLL back on decent system might appreciate what I labored over. Not fun. And my poor wife - she hates Led Zep.
music  ledzep  remix  forum 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194

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