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RT : Fuck the fuck that! There must be an option to . Fuck a vote that gives you the option to leave with a shit…
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23 hours ago by sabatini
says 'multiple opportunities' for Ref.
I so hope this is the case & if gets to…
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5 days ago by sabatini
2. Choose 2
Sort the Irish Border
Retain the Best Deal anyone has
Keep Max Influence & Control
Avoid subser…
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7 days ago by sabatini
RT : And the reason ’s speech is so good is its understanding of how and were both projects…
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16 days ago by smatthewman
A clear majority of voters backed in 2016 and 1,600,000 more have switched since.
Party policy must…
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20 days ago by gourock_swimming
Working together to protect the rights ​of UK citizens living in France - Working together to protect the rights of the British in France
RIFT - Remain in France Together is a group of British citizens living in France, campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU and to protect the rights of all UK citizens living in France and other EU countries.
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27 days ago by iaeon
RT : If commits to backing a and campaigns to in the EU, we stand to win 4 million more v…
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29 days ago by kabads

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