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ugh the nym server so that the From address is the nym, you add a few headers, sign the message with your nym key, encrypt it with the nym server key, and send the message to the nym server, probably routed through some anonymous remailers. When the nym server gets the message, it decrypts the message and sends it on to the intended recipient, with the From: address being your nym.

When the nym server gets a message addressed to the nym, it appends it to the nym's reply block and sends it to the first remailer in the chain, which sends it to the next and so on until it reaches your real address. It is considered go
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january 2011 by jerkku
Tim May - Untraceable Digital Cash, Information Markets, and BlackNet
"A few years ago I devised a working information market, using PGP for secure communication and digital signatures, chained anonymous remailers for untraceability, and message pools (e.g., alt.anonymous.messages on Usenet) for making contact and sending later messages. My intention was to directly demonstrate the feasibility of such markets, and to explore some of the nuances of such markets. BlackNet allowed fully-anonymous, two-way exchanges of information of all sorts. The basic idea was to use a "message pool," a publicly readable place for messages. By using chains of remailers, messages could be untraceably and anonymously deposited in such pools, and then read anonymously by others (because the message pool was broadcast widely, a la Usenet). By including public keys for later communications, two-way communication could be established, all within the message pool. What was missing at the time of this experiment was some form of untraceable payment, i.e., digital cash."
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january 2011 by jonty
Mixminion: a Type III anonymous remailer
Mixminion is the reference implementation of the Type III Anonymous Remailer protocol.
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june 2009 by thijsniks
AnonRemail :: Thunderbird Add-ons
This Add-on automates the process of translating an email for a Cypherpunk-TypeI-remailer.
You must have the Enigmail-Add-on installed!
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january 2009 by bvt

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