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Melatonin For Sleep Crazy Dreams Side Effect Causes
If melatonin supplement nightmares have you spooked, Dr. Harris says there are other ways you can stimulate and protect your body's natural melatonin-production, like avoiding blue light exposure before bed, because it dampens melatonin production. "It is best, in my opinion, to just go old school and stay away from screens," Dr. Harris says. "Read a book, listen to music, or find a quiet, calm and relaxing hobby to wind down that's done in dim light."
REM  dream  vivid  nightmare  winding  disorder  insomnia  sleep  down  routine  bedtime  melatonin 
4 weeks ago by Michael.Massing
The Relative Units of CSS
The units in CSS are critical as we work with these all the time. You can’t build anything without using these so we must know the units properly.
css  cssbasics  units  rem  ems  ch  ex  vh  vw  relative 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Automatic for the People (25th Anniversary Edition) by R.E.M. | Album Review
Of course, Michael Stipe was writing from his own position of (then closeted) bisexual celebrity, both in the song’s frustrations and in its brief, ironic admissions to joy in queerness – the observation that “virtue isn't everything” is a knowing wink to traditional notions of non-hetero desire as inherently immoral.
REM  music 
7 weeks ago by mournjargon
REM 1985 Carnival of Sorts
Great song, great performance, but what really makes this clip are the dance moves of the studio audience
rem  music  tv  youtube  dance  from twitter_favs
february 2018 by levleviev
Displaying CSS Breakpoint Information with Generated Content
What I found was that, since I was setting breakpoints in ems instead of pixels, the responsive testing view in browsers didn’t really help, because I can’t maintain realtime mapping in my head from the current pixel value to however many rems it equals.  Since I don’t think the browser has a simple display of that information, I decided I’d do it myself.
fridayfrontend  css  mediaqueries  ems  rem 
february 2018 by spaceninja

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