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The Complete NERF Blaster MOSFET Wiring Tutorial for Beginners and Pros - Suild
It’s time for an easy MOSFET wiring guide. There haven’t been too many, so I’ll add mine to the list. I’ve mainly seen the use of high-amperage micro-switches in this community, but as tech in blasters (microcontrollers, brushless motors) continues to expand and the motor-arms-race delivering new, high-draw motors to the scene, it’s time for another MOSFET guide without confusing the beginners while at the same time, enlightening the experienced modders.

This guide will be super in-depth, and will hopefully cover a ton content so you could start it off as a beginner, and come back to it as a pro, and learn something every time. No prerequisites required - just a basic understanding of electricity! For the more advanced and technical parts, a high-school level understanding of physics and chemistry may be required. Read what you understand, and skip what you don't. There will be some parts which will be intimidating to beginners, but that’s the point! There’s always something new to learn in electronics, whether that be more electronics, physics, or microcontrollers.
suild  nerf  mosfet  guide  wiring  tutorial  beginner  blaster  flywheel  relay  switch 
15 days ago by 44sunsets
Shelly home automation relays5
Shelly 1 Open Source provides complete Smart Home Automation solution for your apartment, house or office and helps significantly reduce electricity usage and cost, without changing the existing wiring or purchasing expensive and difficult to operate hardware. Shelly 1 is extremely compact and can fit in a variety of electrical consoles. Shelly 1 does not need any home automation controllers.
iot  internetofthings  relay  wireless  homeautomation  wifi 
4 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
bitlbee-steam/README at master · bitlbee/bitlbee-steam · GitHub
to fix auth error:
account steam off
account steam set -del token
account steam on
Computers  steam  bitlbee  relay  auth  error  fix  irc  Linux 
5 weeks ago by themanjay
RT : Props to the team and all of for their new site setup. I'm pretty stoked to see client perfo…
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7 weeks ago by orta

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