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Joe Baguley on Twitter: "A handy sheet for those of you visiting relatives over the holidays...… "
Handy sheet to show your family to indicate that you are not available for PC / home / internet / tech support duties as you work on larger infrastructures and do not know how to fix that printer
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11 weeks ago by fbotha
Who Will Remember You in 100 Years?
I was out walking in the Stockholm forest cemetery a few days ago. I often take an hourlong walk in the middle of the day to clear my head a bit. The forest cemetery is large and beautiful, and I often go here to enjoy its tranquility. As I was walking along one of the outer edges of one of the outer graveyeards, I saw a small path leading into the forest. I had never noticed this path before, and I was a bit intrigued, so I followed it.

After a short walk I came into a clearing. Groups of old, uprooted, gravestones were all around me. Gravestones taken away from the cemetery. As I examined them closer, I noticed that most of them were from 1961 or so – around 60 years old.
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april 2017 by Frontrunner
"A bátyám az a magas fiú ott hátul." - Duolingo
In practice: yes. The two most often used ways of talking about siblings is either specifying both gender & relative age (báty, öcs, nővér, húg), or not mentioning either (testvér.) Alternatively, you could use fiútestvér/lánytestvér (boy/girl sibling, ie brother/sister.)

Rarely you might encounter fivér (brother.) Also, nővér can be used as sister without specifying age. These two come up usually when you talk about a group of people, for example, the Wachowskis were known as Wachowski fivérek, then they became Wachowski testvérek, now they're Wachowski nővérek. (They are the people who made The Matrix.)
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august 2016 by pne
North American Dipterists Society homepage
They are much maligned due to their roles as blood feeders, vectors of disease, agents of myiasis, consumers and contaminators of human food, insidious invaders of our homes, and uninvited guests at outdoor activities.
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june 2016 by craniac

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