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#1168 and #1169: Friendship, Conversation, and TAKING TURNS | Captain Awkward
from a comment:
I would love to zoom back in a time machine to my twenties and just …walk out on a bunch of situations and on people. I think we get overly trained with school and siblings to ‘make it work’ and put yourself last because those are situations youre held hostage to. When you are older you are much freer to quit not-going-to change situations and seek ‘works for me’.
school  friendship  relationships  coercion 
15 hours ago by UnchartedWorlds
Who Is MacKenzie Bezos? - The New York Times
By Jonah Engel Bromwich and Alexandra Alter
Jan. 12, 2019
divorce  relationships 
yesterday by jerryking
Once Considered Outlandish, the Idea That Plants Help Their Relatives is Taking Root - Slashdot
A Canadian biologist planted the seed of the idea more than a decade ago, but many plant biologists regarded it as heretical -- plants lack the nervous systems that enable animals to recognize kin, so how can they know their relatives? But with a series of recent findings, the notion that plants really do care for their most genetically close peers -- in a quiet, plant-y way -- is taking root. . Some species constrain how far their roots spread, others change how many flowers they produce, and a few tilt or shift their leaves to minimize shading of neighboring plants, favoring related individuals.

"We need to recognize that plants not only sense whether it's light or dark or if they've been touched, but also whom they are interacting with," says Susan Dudley, a plant evolutionary ecologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, whose early plant kin recognition studies sparked the interest of many scientists. Beyond broadening views of plant behavior, the new work may have a practical side. In September 2018, a team in China reported that rice planted with kin grows better, a finding that suggested family ties can be exploited to improve crop yields. "It seems anytime anyone looks for it, they find a kin effect," says Andre Kessler, a chemical ecologist at Cornell University.
nature  relationships  family  research  +++++  ecology  @b 
yesterday by jonippolito
Hussein Kesvani: When YouTube Red-Pills the Love of Your Life (MEL Magazine)
What it's like to watch, terrified and helpless, as your partner becomes radicalized by hate on the fringe right.
youtube  farright  politics  internet  relationships 
2 days ago by matthewmcvickar
You should’ve asked | Emma
Great comic strip explaining the mental load women often bear in domestic partnerships. The invisible work that is done to manage the household.
feminism  gender  comics  parenting  relationships 
4 days ago by atelathehun

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