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Elizabeth Gilbert on Love, Loss, and How to Move Through Grief as Grief Moves Through You
When love is lost, we lose the part of ourselves that did the loving — a part that, depending on the magnitude of the love, can come to approximate the whole of who we are. We lose what artist Anne Truitt so poetically termed “the lovely entire confidence that comes only from innumerable mutual confidences entrusted and examined… woven by four hands, now trembling, now intent, over and under into a pattern that can surprise both [partners].”
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3 days ago by emkay
The Modern Monogamous Marriage is Built on Lies, Not Sex Research
“We don’t have any autonomy if we don’t have the autonomy to do what we want with our bodies.”
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3 days ago by KuraFire
The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America - The New York Times
Becoming a mother used to be seen as a unifying milestone for women in the United States. But a new analysis of four decades of births shows that the age that women become mothers varies significantly by geography and education. The result is that children are born into very different family lives, heading for diverging economic futures.
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3 days ago by ramitsethi
LIFE LESSONS WITH DAD PART 2 Dad felt REALLY... - Sterling Alexander Griffin
Which brings me to Dad’s life lesson for today:


I asked Dad what his advice for me in my career was, and he told me it depends on what I wanted from my career.

He asked me what my goals were.

I told him my goals were to build massive wealth, help millions of people change their lives, and make a massive impact through my company and through giving.

He nodded, but then challenged me and asked why?

I thought about it and told him it deeply felt like my purpose. This is why I was created after all. To change lives.

He said, “son, trust me, you can have all that and it still won’t fulfill you. The best thing in life is being with those you love.”

“When I die Sterling, you’ll be taken care of financially, I’ve been preparing for this time, but honestly, the best thing in life is time.

“Time with those you love.”

“You could give me the choice between tens of millions of dollars, and these moments with you. I’d take this right here every time.”
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
The Original Marriage of Equals: The Love Letters of Feminism Founding Mother Mary Wollstonecraft and Political Philosopher William Godwin – Brain Pickings
Independence I have long considered as the grand blessing of life, the basis of every virtue; and independence I will ever secure by contracting my wants, though I were to live on a barren heath.
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4 days ago by emkay
Do lovers always tease each other? Study shows how couples handle laughter and banter -- ScienceDaily
People who are afraid of being laughed at, on the other hand, are often less happy in their relationship.
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4 days ago by emkay
You don't need one true soul mate to 'complete' you
Sloss says the crushing fear of being alone has left many people trying to jam the “wrong jigsaw piece” into their own jigsaws, enslaved by the myth that only their one true love can complete the picture.

He firmly believes that 80 per cent of relationships start because people have not learned how to love themselves, “… so you employed someone else to do it”.

“We have romanticised the idea of romance and it is cancerous. People are more in love with the idea of love than the person they are with,” he says.
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5 days ago by philippe3000

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