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YouTube -- Jordan Peterson: 2017/03/11: Strengthen the Individual: Q & A Parts I & II
"...People love that, they live for that, it's really what keeps you alive. And you can experience that in a deep conversation, a truthful conversation, a meaningful meeting of the minds and soul. And people love that, it's curative. All psychotherapists know this because what you do in psychotherapy – in addition to helping people face the things they're most afraid of so that they can overcome them – is to allow them to tell someone the truth. What happened to you? I'll listen. So they tell you. And they take themselves apart and they put themselves together while they're speaking the truth about what happened. And it puts them together. The two fundamental elements of psychotherapy are let's find what you're afraid of and avoiding and help you confront it so that you can gather the information that's there, and let's allow you to lay your story out in all its catastrophe and detail so that you can straighten yourself out through speech. That's exactly what happens in psychotherapy. It should happen in every real relationship. It's the spiritual purpose of a marriage, fundamentally, because you face someone who is different from you, who you're tied to – and cannot run from – and so you can reveal yourself – it's a critical part of marriage, because if you can run from someone you'll never show you their true face. Because if someone shows you their true face, you will run. And so you say in a marriage ceremony, "I will allow you to show me your true face and I will not run." And unless you mean that, you'll never be married, you'll never understand what it means. And you'll never reap the benefits of it because it's practical, obviously, but also spiritual and psychological. There's a reason for the vow, there has to be a vow, otherwise you'll leave a backdoor open and you'll never really tell the person what you're like."
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yesterday by adamcrowe
Single, Unemployed and Suddenly Myself
One evening as we cuddled in my apartment, with me droning on about my man troubles and career fears, he said, “We get so fixated on the job we want or the person we’re dating because we don’t think there will be another. But there’s always another.”
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yesterday by yolandaenoch
RT : SUNDAY Oct 22:
Conscious Discussion
6:30pm at Genuine Joe Cofffee
2001 W. Anderson Ln
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2 days ago by kitoconnell
The Invention of Monogamy - by Isabella Rotman and Sarah Mirk
For most of its history, monogamy was a rule only applied to married women.
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3 days ago by sasha_feather
4 Habits That Unintentionally Damage Your Relationship
But even if we don’t realize it, unhealthy habits can damage even our most treasured relationships, especially with significant others.
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