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Sherlock (TV) - Mycroft/Lestrade -- The DI and the Spy
Greg is an early-morning runner. Mycroft is an early riser who happens to live on Greg's running route. Hilarity ensues.

Written for MystradeDoodles' prompt: "Greg is a runner. Rom-com."
trope:coming.out.reveals  pairing:holmes/lestrade  genre:romance  trope:domestic  rating:pg-13  relationship:first-time  fandom:sherlockholmes  genre:schmoop  fic  @verse 
14 days ago by rahmbo
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) - Eggsy/Merlin -- Your Soulmate Always Arrives Precisely On Time
Soulmate!AU. Everyone has a mark that matches that of their soulmate. At 18, you are required/encouraged to register it and if a match is in the system, a meeting will be arranged. Eggsy is excited, if nervous, when he is immediately matched--his soulmate and perhaps a way out of his house. Merlin is surprised--it's been so long, he thought his soulmate had died before they could register. Things go smoothly at first, they get to know each other and fall in love. The only snag is that Merlin's keeping one big secret--his job as a Kingsman
relationship:first-time  fandom:kingsman  genre:canon-divergence  trope:coming.out.reveals  pairing:merlin/unwin  trope:bond.mate  fic  rating:pg-13 
21 days ago by rahmbo
The Society (TV 2019) - Grizz/Sam -- grow as we go
An AU in which West Ham stayed exactly the same, everyone graduated on time, they went off to their college of choice and Grizz makes good on his promise. He's getting out, and he's not talking to anyone from West Ham once he's gone.

But then there's Sam.
@wip  pairing:eliot/visser  genre:schmoop  fic  genre:canon-divergence  relationship:first-time  genre:romance  trope:coming.out.reveals  trope:university  fandom:thesociety  trope:chat  trope:domestic 
28 days ago by rahmbo
The Society (TV 2019) - Grizz/Sam -- let someone see right through
“He looks hot,” Sam says.

Grizz’s head shoots up. “Who? Harry?” he asks, narrowing his eyes at Sam.

Sam shrugs. “Like Becca said. He’s an asshole but damn.”

“You think he’s hot?” Grizz asks again, signing slowly.

“Yes?” Sam replies.

Grizz’s face falls. “Right. Cool.”

or where they've been pining for each other for months and neither want to make the first move (they're still on Earth and haven't been pfeiffered yet)
trope:highschool  fandom:thesociety  trope:possessive.jealousy  relationship:first-time  genre:schmoop  trope:misunderstandings  fic  pairing:eliot/visser  trope:coming.out.reveals  genre:canon-divergence  rating:pg-13 
29 days ago by rahmbo
The Sisters Brothers (2018) - Morris/Warm -- o! arcadia
There is gold here, Morris writes. He has already confirmed it—now it is a matter of the science working in our favor. I can think of no more pleasant partner to do hard work with. The labor we do is difficult, but he never shirks it; when we are working, he never complains; and if he complains it is with a smile. I find myself thinking often about holding him close to me.
genre:schmoop  fic  pairing:morris/warm  relationship:first-time  trope:coda  fandom:thesistersbrothers  genre:romance  trope:coming.out.reveals  rating:pg-13  trope:domestic 
4 weeks ago by rahmbo
Game of Thrones (TV) - Jon/Tormund -- Take No Wife, Father No Children
In which Jon Snow, a Brother of the Night’s Watch, breaks no vows but somehow ends up with a family anyways.

(An AU where instead of meeting Ygritte, Jon runs into Tormund and his daughters first.)
@wip  relationship:first-time  trope:domestic  genre:canon-divergence  trope:coming.out.reveals  pairing:jon/tormund  fic 
7 weeks ago by rahmbo
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (2017) - Red/Dixon -- these broken pieces
You don’t have to buy me anything or apologize to me every other time we run into each other, you know that right?”

Dixon begins to peel the label off of his beer bottle, needing something to do with his hands, and nodded, “Yeah, I know. I just- wanted to, I guess,” he shrugs. Focuses on the shredded paper piling up on the sticky counter rather than the young man next to him, “besides, I definitely owed you at least a drink.”

He looks over to Welby at that and sees when the kid realizes what he means. He snorts with a shake of his head, “Oh really? Then where’s my damn straw? I remember that was a pretty big deal at the time.”

Forgiveness, redemption, loss, friendship; life in Ebbing, Missouri goes on.
genre:angst  relationship:first-time  rating:r  trope:misunderstandings  pairing:misc  trope:possessive.jealousy  trope:coda  trope:domestic  @verse  trope:coming.out.reveals  genre:schmoop  genre:romance  fic 
8 weeks ago by rahmbo
Generation Kill - Doc/Rudy -- neither up nor down
"I could've given you a massage," says Rudy against his neck, breath hot, "But I thought this was probably a lot less gay."
trope:illness.injury  fandom:generationkill  trope:coda  relationship:first-time  rating:pg-13  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  fic  pairing:misc 
9 weeks ago by rahmbo
As the World Turns - Luke/Reid -- This Idea Of Us
Reid took a breath, his hand tapping at his knee again, and spoke quietly. "I may have said that I'm dating someone and she insisted that I bring him along with me so she knows I'm not lying."

"Oh," Luke breathed, trying to not let the cold dread seeping into his body paralyze him. "I didn't know you were dating anyone--but wait," he paused, Reid's earlier words echoing back at him, "you said you didn't want to be with anyone...who are you taking with you?"

Reid raised an eyebrow his way, and shrugged. "You."

"Me?" Luke choked out, surprised. "What?"
trope:domestic  relationship:first-time  rating:pg-13  trope:misunderstandings  trope:faux.relationship  genre:schmoop  genre:canon-divergence  fic  trope:coming.out.reveals  trope:medical.job  fandom:soaps  pairing:luke/reid  genre:romance 
9 weeks ago by rahmbo
Cruising (1980) - Steve -- I'm here. You're here.
Let me ask you something:
Have you ever had your cock sucked by a man?
Ever been porked or had a man smoke your pole.
trope:kinks  fic  trope:coda  pairing:misc  genre:angst  relationship:first-time 
march 2019 by rahmbo
American Gods (TV) - Shadow/Sweeney -- points bought
“The first time we met, I beat the shit out of you.”

“Debatable.” Sweeney tilted his head the other direction. “I’ve had worse times with uglier is all I’m saying.” He sighed and pinched the bridge of his healing nose. “If you aren’t interested…”

“I’m not.” The trouble was the opposite. The trouble was he did want it. The trouble was he knew how complicated shit like this could be.
genre:pwp  pairing:shadow/sweeney  relationship:first-time  fandom:americangods  trope:coda  fic  rating:r 
march 2019 by rahmbo
RPF - ASkars/Luke Evans -- Will They or Won't They?
In 1994, a twenty-year-old Alex meets a fourteen-year-old Luke in the small town of Aberbargoed, Wales.
relationship:first-time  genre:romance  @verse  fic  trope:coming.out.reveals  fandom:rpf  pairing:misc  rating:nc-17  genre:schmoop  genre:au 
march 2019 by rahmbo
Victoria (TV) - Drummond/Alfred -- lay me down
Edward stares at the bed, sitting right there in the spare room at Mina’s house. Well, he supposed technically it’s Mina’s aunt’s house. But that’s beside the point. The point being that, after a night of drinking to celebrate Mina’s birthday, he and Alfred have been sent to share the spare room, where, unfortunately, there is only one bed.


the bed sharing au nobody asked for
trope:domestic  rating:pg-13  fic  pairing:drummond/paget  genre:schmoop  relationship:first-time  fandom:victoria  genre:romance  genre:au  trope:coming.out.reveals 
march 2019 by rahmbo

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