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Could You Live Apart, Together? | Psychology Today
Why would a long-term, committed couple opt to live apart rather than together? Research suggests that there may also be some meaningful benefits to living separately.
2 days ago by andreok
9 Popular Relationship Beliefs That Can Be Destructive to Lasting Love
There is some truth to this myth when it comes to extreme cases. Couples who limit the fulfillment of their needs to one person and remove themselves from social circles are at risk for an unhealthy life.

But most often people reference this myth as a way to express their independence to avoid closeness. When a partner says, “Stop depending on me,” or “I won’t depend on anyone because they just let me down,” they are highlighting deep wounds and fears about relying on someone.
relationship  dependency 
6 days ago by fiona
So what *does* a producer do? : Discuss : Shooting People
Very useful: Mixed #film creative & production people discussing (+arguing ;^) what #producers do + their relationships to film creatives ^cr
producer  filmmaker  director  writer  auteur  documentary  discussion  production  distribution  creative  business  relationship  forum  role  bullsi  photography  line  19eyz 
12 days ago by csrollyson
Karolína: Po dvanácti letech manželství jsem s ním už jen pro peníze |
Karolína je vdaná už 12 let, má pětiletou dceru a skoro tříleté kluky-dvojčata, na první pohled je její manželství spokojené, ale Karolína by z něj…
13 days ago by andreok
Basic Concepts (Marriage Builders®, Inc.)
awesome reference materials and questionnaires — tried to get andrew to do this with me and he refused.
personal  relationship  empathy 
13 days ago by mofox
All you need is loves: the truth about polyamory | Life and style | The Guardian
More and more young people are abandoning monogamy in favour of open relationships. But is it really that easy to turn your back on jealousy? And what about all the admin?
gender  polyamory  sex  social  health  lover  relationship 
15 days ago by ivar
Mutually Assured Destruction by A_bit_not_good_yeah
Bond gripped Q’s hair, just shy of too rough and pulled him closer, testing, wanting to wipe that smug look off Q’s fucking beautiful face. “Well if not that, how would you characterise our—” he paused, letting the next word come out slowly, tinted black with implication, “—arrangement?”

Q’s eyes met Bond’s as he very gradually closed the distance between them, never blinking, even as his lips brushed 007’s in a shared breath that was electric with promise. “Mutually assured destruction.”

Wherein Bond and Q can't seem to realize what their feelings are doing until they realize it. Hard.
007  00q  Bond/Q  hot  developing  relationship  first-time 
16 days ago by allhoneyboo
8 Stand-up Meeting Ideas to Try with Your Team | LeanKit
Useful: How to fix dreaded standing team meetings (in person or virtual), drawing lessons from #agile #lean #teams
team  management  meeting  howto  agile  relationship  Q2  2019  kanban  posture  energy 
20 days ago by csrollyson

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