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RT : Here another case of early . Even the seminal crypto paper was rejected initially. Same as the…
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5 weeks ago by ciphpercoder
SSC Survey Results: ADHD And Rejection Sensitivity | Slate Star Codex
“Dr. William Dodson pushes a different conception, where one of the key features of ADHD is “rejection-sensitive dysphoria”, ie people with the condition are much less able to tolerate social rejection, and more likely to find it unbearable and organize their lives around avoiding it. He doesn’t deny the attention and focus symptoms; he just thinks that rejection sensitivity needs to be considered a key part of the disorder.”
research  adhd  slatestarcodex  effect  dodson  invalidation  survey  rejection 
august 2018 by danhon
You're in My Veins - by IvanW
He held out his beer. “Want to try it? Wait. You aren’t allergic or anything, right?”

“I am not. It is just not something Vulcans indulge in.”

“So? Sip?”

He shrugged a little. “Very well.” He took the beer from Kirk and took the tiniest sip. He made a face.

“Oh my God.” Kirk took the beer back with a big smile. “I wish I had a picture of that. Hated it, didn’t you?’


“I know, I know. Vulcans don’t hate.”

Spock eyed the beer. “I think for that, I can make an exception.”

Kirk shook his head. “You are so funny, Spock. I never guessed.” He picked up his own foam finger and touched it to Spock’s. “This is going to be an awesome friendship.”

There was an announcement overhead that the game was about to start, so Spock turned his attention to the field, and tried to ignore the way he felt at having Kirk’s body pressed up against his.
st:aos  kirk/spock  teacher/student  pining  drunk  rejection  firsttimes 
june 2018 by runpunkrun
No Vegas Wedding for Us - by ThereBeWhalesHere (Star Trek Reverse Big Bang 2018)
“Bones,” Jim says, not in greeting but in urgency as he lowers himself into the seat across from his friend. The mess hall is busy this close to alpha shift, but the bustle is loud enough Jim doesn't worry they'll be overheard, even as a kaleidoscope of uniforms passes at his periphery. “I need your help.”

Bones looks up from his gravy-slathered biscuits, fork in-hand, and his eyes widen at either the sleep-heavy bags under Jim’s eyes or the expression on his face. Jim can't be sure which.

“I’d say you do,” Bones says, “You're looking a little peaky. Feeling alright?” He reaches for his pocket as if about to pull out a medical scanner, but Jim stops him, a flat hand landing on the table.

“No,” he says. “Well, yes. But no. Listen I —” Well he might as well come out and say it. Not much time before he has to be on the bridge, and he does need Bones’ help. Sometimes he thinks the good doctor might as well be his conscience. Or at the very least his grudging babysitter. So the words fall out: “I asked Spock to marry me last night,” and Jim realizes too late that Bones may misunderstand the whole situation.

Bones seems to freeze from head to fingertips, the only movement the bare widening of his eyes. Jim expects — well, he doesn't know what to expect, but he certainly doesn't expect what actually comes out of his best friend's mouth.

“Oh, well,” Bones says with a sort of ill-suited casual surprise. “You’re moving a little fast but I can't say I'm all that shocked. Congrats, Jim. I suppose I’ll have to congratulate Spock, too. Guess this means I’m stuck with him?” He gives Jim a lopsided little smile, and Jim thinks he looks almost proud.

“No, what —? No,” Jim says quickly, wanting to wipe that pride off Bones’ face before he actually starts to feel it himself. “It’s not like that.”

Bones’ little smile fades, and now he just looks confused. “Jim, there aren’t many ways to interpret a marriage proposal.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  drunk  faking-it  marriage  pining  earthside  meet-the-family  rejection  vegas 
june 2018 by runpunkrun
Common Ground: Part I of the Fields of Evermore series - by Tiger Tyger (Southern_Comfort)
Jim sat up against the pillows, and nodded when McCoy excused himself. Spock stood alone at the end of the room. The light blue Science shirt fit loosely against his torso, as did the regulation pants. The boots added no height, but then Spock hardly needed any. His expression was one of practiced calm, of indifference and rejection of all things that were un-Vulcan. But Jim Kirk had long ago learned to read the hidden thoughts in those dark eyes, the ones that were so obviously focused today on nothing but himself.

"Are you going to stand there all day, Spock?"

"As I mentioned, Captain, it would be best if we were not in proximity. If I may, I will adjust our duty schedules, so that we are on alternate shifts—"

"And that's that? You wipe your hands of me, the irrational human you bonded yourself to?" His attempt at humor fell flat and he realized he sounded more like a discarded girlfriend. He sat up and gestured for Spock to come closer.

Spock looked affronted, and Jim would have smiled if the situation wasn't so serious. "I am doing what is best for you—."

"And what about yourself? Damn it, would you come over here!"

Slowly, the Vulcan moved closer, until he was perhaps five feet from the bed. "My choices are inconsequential. A bonding that is not voluntary is not a bonding."

Suddenly, Jim could see the situation as Spock saw it. A bond that was unwanted, undesirable. He'd let his own emotions cloud what must have seemed like a simple choice for Spock.
st:tos  kirk/spock  bonded  rejection  vulcan  earthside  friends-to-lovers  taking-it-slow  iowa  meet-the-family  horses 
june 2018 by runpunkrun
segs - covered in your name
Crosby is enveloped by his teammates, whooping and laughing, the center of attention. A fan in orange bangs on the glass right by his head. The sea parts. He looks at Claude like he’s seeing him for the first time, and he might as well be.

All the air gets punched out of Claude’s lungs, the impact of a phantom hit he didn’t see coming, and he tastes iron in his mouth.

His left wrist burns like it’s over an open flame.
hockeyrpf  sidney.crosby/claude.giroux  segs  au:soulmates  pining  rejection  rivalry  wc:5000-10000  saveme 
may 2018 by silentfire

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