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Django Reinhardt – Archives vidéo et radio
Playlist full of Django goodies from .fr in honour of the 34th Django festival: via
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Reinhart And Rogoff Admit Excel Blunder - Business Insider
and : We Made A Microsoft Excel Blunder In Our Debt Study, And It Makes A Difference
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april 2013 by antaldaniel
Flashback: The Labor Economics of the Individual Mandate
The individual mandate triggers the added problem of confronting low income families with relatively high losses in incremental disposable income as earned income rises. For example, suppose insurance for families at or below the official poverty line were fully subsidized by the government ... [the] melting away of the subsidy is equivalent to a marginal income tax rate for the loss of health insurance subsidies alone of about 35 percent ... Added to federal income taxes, Social Security taxes, and the phaseout of the earned income credit, the individual mandate thus would present millions of low-income American families with total marginal tax rates in excess of 75 percent. Such high marginal tax rates may well make unemployment and welfare an attractive alternative to working. [emphasis added]
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december 2012 by HispanicPundit
Some Questions for Uwe Reinhardt at Steven Landsburg | The Big Questions: Tackling the Problems of Philosophy with Ideas from Mathematics, Economics, and Physics
The above is, I think, the most important of my questions. I’m familiar with the vast literature arguing for a capital gains rate of zero, and I’m familiar with some of the dissenting literature arguing for a rate somewhat higher than that. But no matter how you define “optimal”, it seems like it would require an extraordinary coincidence for the optimal rates on capital gains and ordinary income to be identical. I’d like to understand what led Professor Reinhardt to expect such a coincidence, and nothing will make that clearer than an explicit statement of the problem he was solving.
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Taxes and Economic Growth -
The economics of a Capital Gains tax and the corporate tax.
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