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What’s New in Deep Learning Research: Microsoft’s TextWorld is the OpenAI Gym of Language Learning…
Conversational interfaces and natural language processing(NLP) are, arguably, the most widely adopted segment of modern artificial intelligence(AI). Despite the continuous progress in NLP research…
textworld  reinforcement  learning  text  based  game  zork 
11 days ago by tranqy
Reinforcement Learning: Basic Tic-Tac-Toe Implementation
Reinforcement learning puts idea of gaining maximum reward after performing some action from environment. This learning method is very different from common machine learning methods such as…
ml  ai  reinforcement  learning  tictactoe  python 
11 days ago by tranqy
Modern Game Theory and Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Systems
Most artificial intelligence(AI) systems nowadays are based on a single agent tackling a task or, in the case of adversarial models, a couple of agents that compete against each other to improve the…
marl  multi  agent  reinforcement  learning  game  theory 
11 days ago by tranqy

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