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Commentary: Predictions and the brain: how musical sounds become rewarding
did i just learn something big?

Prerecorded music has ABSOLUTELY NO
SURVIVAL reward. Zero. It does not help
with procreation (well, unless you're the
one making the music, then you get
endless sex) and it does not help with
individual survival.
As such, one must seriously self test
(n=1) prerecorded music actually holds
you back.
If you're reading this and you try no
music for 2 weeks and fail, hit me up. I
have some mind blowing stuff to show
you in how you can control others with
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11 days ago by nhaliday
Simple Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow Part 1.5: Contextual Bandits
In Part 1 of my Simple RL series, we introduced the field of Reinforcement Learning, and I demonstrated how to build an agent which can solve the multi-armed bandit problem. In that situation, there…
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27 days ago by patmcnally

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